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LISTEN HERE: Junior Doctor from Strike Jan 12th and Doctor’s Demo London Feb 6th

 London demo send-off 
Brighton’s junior doctors and medical students to pressure Jeremy Hunt again
December last saw a massive demonstration by junior doctors, healthworkers and the public expressing anger at the government’s attempt to impose an unsafe and unfair new contract on our hospital doctors . Strike plans were put on hold when finally the government agreed to talks at ACAS. Then when those talks ground to a halt, we saw the first one-day strike by doctors in 40yrs.
Once again the BMA continues to try to get agreement with the government, hoping they will see sense and avert the next strike planned for February 10th. Frustrated and angered by Jeremy Hunt’s intransigence, a massive demonstration is to take place in London on Saturday 6th February. And once again, our local juniors, medical students and the public will be taking a train from Brighton Station to join their colleagues from around the country.
Organisers are planning a noisy and colourful send-off and all are welcome to join in. The timetable for the rally is as follows:
09:20 – Gathering at Brighton Station
10:02/10:18 – Trains depart for Victoria
11:20 – Meet at Victoria and walk to Waterloo Place
11:45 – Aim to be at Waterloo Place
14:00 – Speakers
15:00 – The march heads to Parliament Square
Sussex Defend the NHS will be supporting our doctors at Brighton Station and everyone concerned about our NHS, its safety and proper public funding is encouraged to come along and show your support. Media and press, please come along!
For further information contact:  Katrina Miller SDNHS mob 0775 238 0093
Todd Leckie, Junior Doctor BMA Brighton mob 07816 826059
Sarah Kingdon, Junior Doctor Brighton mob 07792 947198
Maya Bowles, Student Nurse, University of Brighton mob 07791 444453
For a first-hand views on what, junior doctor are thinking. So check out Michele’s show where she interview various doctors at the strike in Brighton on why they are on Strike and must more.

LISTEN HERE: Brighton & Hove Stop The War Campaign: Stop Bombing Syria 07.01.2016


‘Stop Bombing Syria’

Brighton & Hove Stop the War group re-formed in November 2015 to campaign against the vote for British Military Intervention in Syria.

This meeting was chaired by Cath Senker, Chair of Brighton & Hove Stop the War.

Speakers included:

Prof. John Newsinger, Professor of History at Bath Spa University and Author of ‘The Blood Never Dried’,

Phil Clarke, National Union of Teachers National Executive and Secretary of Brighton & Hove Trade Council,

Abdulaziz Almashi, Co-founder of Syria Solidarity & Solidarity with Refugees,

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion.


Listen Here: R.Wolff Economics Update 5-2-16 Lessons About and From Socialism

“Lessons About and From Socialism”
 “Updates on the economic significance of Sanders’ Iowa vote, Keynes on risks of revolution against capitalism, costs of oil market collapse. Interview with author Pete Dolack on lessons for today of past experiments in socialism.”
“Capitalism’s Results”
Updates on Obama on/in Detroit, Walmart closing stores, Santa Fe and public banking, food-makers’ profits vs people’s health. Major discussion of Oxfam and IECD reports on world poverty and inequality.

“Fighting Rightist Economics”

“Updates on worker actions by UK’s “junior doctors” and Detroit teachers, Flint’s poisoned water, Supreme Court struggle. More on US govt subsidy of religion. Interview on worker coops with Michael Johnson author of new book.”

“What Capitalism Is”

Updates on Obamacare scandal, bank errors threaten depositors, public pension looting, subsidizing religion. Major discussion of old vs new meanings of capitalism as an economic system.

“Economic Lessons from 2015″

Updates on FED’s interest rate hike, Peter Drucker on “like a business,” gun business, and oil economics. Response to question on whether it is China that is slowing the world economy. Major discussion of Greek and Spanish austerity politics and how major oil, banking and auto corporations proved why we can and must do better than capitalism.


“Transcending Capitalism”

Updates on denying bailout for Puerto Rico and gross wealth inequality in US and Wisconsin. Response to listeners on guns and the capitalist profit motive. Interview with Prof. Cathy Mulder on transcending capitalism via worker cooperatives.

“Austerity’s Social Costs”

Updates on Portugal joins Greece against austerity, US austerity especially in Puerto Rico and Illinois, useless laws for banks, words not action in Paris. Major discussions of Thanksgiving economics, Germany and refugees, France and terrorism, US airlines cheat for profits.

“Why Whites in Trouble”
 Updates on economics of immigration, economic alarmists, Ireland as tax haven. Response to listeners on role and place for small business in worker-coop based economy. Interview with Dr Harriet Fraad on crisis for middle-aged whites in US today.
 “Big vs Small Business”
Updates on Japan’s Recession, half of New York City economically in trouble, ACA deductibles undermine affordability, Million student March, another crooked capitalist. Response to listeners on private vs public enterprises. Major topics: small vs big business and big ideas not being discussed in campaigns.


“Economic Power Struggles”

This show from the US includes updates on Greek and Portuguese austerity struggles, obesity and Coca Cola, importance of U of Missouri, JC Penney’s fake sales, and Macy’s urgent sales. Response to listeners on politics, economics of TPP. Major discussions of (1) upcoming FED decision on interest rates and (2) economic causes of gentrified US cities.


How Capitalism Works

Updates on capitalism vs higher education, real costs of apps, how other half banks. In depth analyses of projected economic downturn in 2016, capitalist inequality and housing changes, and how capitalism affects sports.


Teaching High School Economics

Updates on Obama harshness re student debt, how much corps and rich abuse tax havens, MIT rejects fossil-fuel divestment, profit over safety at tylenol company. Response to listener on where US economy headed now. Interview life-long high school teacher Alan Schulman on teaching economics after the 2008 crisis: problems and prospects.


Capitalism vs Democratic Socialism

Richard Wolff updates us on monster merger in beer, buying the US presidency, homeless in Hawaii, Canada’s election results. Response to listener’s question on relation of individualism to capitalism and socialism. Major discussion of history of socialism vs capitalism with focus on specific place of democratic socialism.


Coops vs capitalism

Saving capitalism, looming economic downturn, Berlin 250,000 against TTIP, US plan to give Puerto Rican taxes to banks. Response to question on planning. Interview: Laura Flanders, independent journalist on coops vs capitalism.


Capitalism’s Crimes

Updates on Planned Parenthood, Irish and French unions’ initiatives. Responses to questions on the VW scandal and the TPP deals. In depth update and analysis of the ongoing Crisis in Greece with Prof. Harry Konstantinides.


Meanings of Class

This programme includes
updates on the Swedish plan for a peaceful transition beyond capitalism, ripoffs in car insurance, Ferguson, MO credit downgrade. Also there is response to listeners on the CA drought and on the best solution for corporate abuses like VW’s. Then a major discussion of (1) what class means and what is at stake in different meanings, and (2) guaranteed income vs guaranteed jobs.”


Puerto Rico as US’s Greece

Updates on new Detroit book, Mayor’s austerity policy in Chicago, homeless school children, soaring medical insurance deductibles. Responses to listeners on VW scandal and Pope’s statements on economics. Interview with Prof. Ian Seda-Irizarry on current crisis in Puerto Rico.


This week’s show from the US includes updates on GM settlement, Census Bureau proves no recovery for 90%, GE moves jobs overseas; responses to listeners on FED agonies over interest rates and how capitalism mishandles unemployment. Major discussion of WSDEs and capitalist corporations.


Listen Here: Politics Show: Davy Jones Interviews Phelim MacCafferty a Local Councillor for Brighton & Hove City Council.

Green Coliunerr

This week Davy Jones Interviews Phelim MacCafferty, a Local Green Councillor talking about tax on the local government and local council budgets and must more.



This week Davy Jones interviews Dr. David Rogers, director of the Kingston University Writing School, who was born and raised in Arkansas, on his opinions of the current state of the US Elections. Joining them is guest host Iara Kaiser.

Junior-Doctors 2

This week Davy Jones interviews Sarah Kingdon from the BMA about the Junior Doctor’s dispute and what it really is about and must more.


Stop the Wars

This week Davy Jones interviews Iara Kaiser from Stop the War to talk about Stop Bombing Syria campaign and must more.


Paris climate talks

This week Davy Jones interviews Hannah Barker and Maddy Ryle about the Paris Climate Talks from talking about their experience at the talks to what the agreement means to tackling climate change, and must more.



   This week Davy Jones Interviews Lorence Eric Jensen about childcare in Brighton, and about closes of childcare schools and must more


Free Education campaign

This week Davy Jones interviews two Brighton University students about the Free Education campaign in the City and the sinister plans for making Universities more & more like businesses and restricting academic freedoms.


Climate Change

This week Davy Jones interviews Nat Chase to talk about Climate Change, and about the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris next week and will anything change about the issue must more.



Davy’s guest this week is James Mannion, also known as Trim Tab Jim and leader of band of the same name They discuss his political rock opera, the Reincarnation of Trim Tab Jim, which is being performed as a fundraiser twice on Saturday 19 December at the Old Market, Hove – 3.30pm for the Green Party and 7.30 for the Red Cross Refugee Appeal.

More information at


War on Want

This week Davy Jones interviews Mark Dearn for War on Want, they discuss the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) deal and what it is, and the effect it could have and must more.


This week Davy Jones interviews Ben Duncan a local care worker in Brighton & Hove to talk about the problems of being a care worker and the care system in general.


Brighton Climate Action Network

This week Davy Jones interviews Duncan Blinkhorn From Brighton Climate Action Network to talk about, Climate Change and the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and must more.


Greg Hadfield of the B&H Indy

This week Davy Jones interviews Greg Hadfield of the Brighton & Hove Independent and talks about council tax rises and the issue of how to stop it from rising more.




This week Davy Jones interviews Louise Purbrick & Janina Moninska from University of Brighton and talks about Art and Refuge & Resistance exhibition that starts on Friday 23 October in Brighton.

     living rent campaign


This week Davy Jones interviews David Gibson from Living Rent Campaign about government right to buy policy, rent control and must more.


This week Dave Jones interviews Trillia Fidei, an arctic activist with Greenpeace, about the recent decision of Shell to abandon drilling in the arctic.


This week Davy Jones talks to Graham Bash from ‘Labour Briefing’ about the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party Leader and what the party should do next.

Listen Here
Davy Jones talks to Jacob B from Migrant Solidarity.

This week Davy Jones’ guest is Jerry Rothwell, director of the new film ‘How to Change the World ‘ which has its premiere at the Dukes at Komedia this Wed Sept 9th


In 1971 a brave group of young activists set sail from Vancouver in an old fishing boat. Their mission: to stop Nixon’s atomic bomb tests in Amchitka, a tiny island off the west coast of Alaska.

It was from these humble but courageous beginnings that the global organisation that we now know as Greenpeace was born. Chronicling the fascinating untold story behind the modern environmental movement, this gripping new film tells the story of eco-hero Robert Hunter and how he, alongside a group of like-minded and idealistic young friends in the ’70s, would be instrumental in altering the way we now look at the world and our place within it.

More info at and


This week Davy Jones talks to Val Knight from Sussex Defend the NHS about the closure of GP surgeries in Brighton.



This week Davy talks to local B&H City Council employee Corinna Edwards – Colledge about her open letter to David Cameron about the cuts to local government.

LISTEN HERE to Davy Jones with Andy Richards from Brighton Hove and District Trades Union Council. Trades union councils consist of representatives of trade unions or branches of trade unions which meet within the area covered by that council, or which have members working or living in the area. A union branch will normally affiliate to the trades unions council in the area in which it meets. Locally BHDTUC have been vocal against austerity cuts ,the proposed anti union laws and limitation/withdrawal of the right to strike.

LISTEN HERE  to Davy Jones with Colin Miller from Brighton and Hove Compass.

B & H Compass is a new group to Brighton and Hove. Nationally they promote unity on the progressive left. They are sponsoring a public meeting on July 27th 7pm at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road where speakers include Caroline Lucas MP, Nany Platts and Neal Lawson from the national Compass. More info @

Listen here to Davy Jones with Marina Prentoulis of Greek Solidarity Campaign

Today Davy Jones discusses the latest developments in the ongoing crisis in Greece with Marina Prentoulis from the Greek Solidarity Campaign

Davy Jones with Mike Aiken from the

National Coalition of Independent



Davy and Mike Aiken from the National Coalition of Independent Action (NCIA) discuss the changing role of the voluntary sector and the increasing danger of it becoming a Trojan Horse for privatisation.

Davy Jones with Ali Ghanimi Free

University of Brighton


Davy Jones talks to Ali Ghanimi from the Free University of Brighton (FUB) about their latest projects including the launch of a FUB degree course.More information at

Davy Jones with Ken Montague

Campaign Against Climate Change


This week Davy Jones is with Ken Montague from the Campaign Against Climate Change talking about the plans in Brighton to mobilise around the Paris COP talks (and the embryonic launch of Brighton CAN (Climate Action Network).





Government vs Democracy

Taken from 38 Degrees’ newsletter:

“The government’s plans on fracking have been exposed. It’s been leaked that they’re trying to change the law so dirty energy companies can drill for gas in our countryside – regardless of what local communities want. [1]

The changes would strip local councils of the right to say ‘no’ to fracking – and put the power into the hands of unelected planning officers. [2]

Government ministers want to implement the plans right away so we’ve got to act fast. [3] If we make thousands of local councillors rebel against the government, they could be stopped in their tracks.

Can you email your local councillors now and ask them to speak out against the government’s plans? It’s really simple, just click the button below:



All over the country, people have been campaigning to protect their communities from the drills of dirty energy companies. And the government’s been struggling to get fracking off the ground. [4] Nowthey’re trying to change the rules to get their way – and ignore the views of local communities.

Our councillors are supposed represent us and act on our behalf. But if these changes happen, they won’t be able to. So if thousands of us contact our local councillors now, asking them to speak out, we can force the government to ditch these terrible plans. Can you email your local councillors now?



When we work together, we’re stronger. And we’re not alone. Greenpeace supporters, Friends of the Earth members and thousands of grassroots campaigners are all standing hand-in-hand to stop these plans. It’s a truly people-powered effort. Will you join us?

[1] The Telegraph: Ministers plot to foil anti-frackers:
[2] A leaked letter signed by three ministers revealed that ministers want to designate fracking wells as “nationally significant infrastructure projects”, which would take planning decisions out of the hands of local authorities, to be made by planning officials instead.
The Guardian: UK ministers make it ‘top priority’ to ensure nature laws do not hamper fracking:
[3] The letter was written in July 2015 and states that ministers plan to implement the changes from early 2016.
[4] 38 Degrees: Lancashire council say ‘no’ to fracking:
38 Degrees: Fracking: what we’ve done together:
The Guardian: Cuadrilla to appeal against fracking refusal by Lancashire county council:

Also, if you still can@t make up your mind about fracking, watch this and share!



Listen here: The Cocktail Hour with Paddy O’Keeffe

                       An eclectic mix of poetry, politics and music.

  Listen here


Listen here: Mid Afternoon Matters with Louis Walkden


Check this out – could you believe this is Louis (our new work experience volunteer’s) first show? Excellent Louis!


RFB: Duke’s Special 30.01.2016



Radio Bantz with Baz O’Brien.


LISTEN HERE: For the 21-1-16 edition of the BHESCO Show with Kayla Ente from Brighton And Hove Energy Services Coop

winter cold

On the BHESCO Show, Kayla Ente from of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Coop looks at winter cold in renting housing and the effect of this on housing in Brighton and must more.



Stop Trident demonstration – 27th February,12 noon Central London

Trident is Britain’s nuclear weapons system. It’s made up of four submarines – one of which is on patrol at all times – carrying up to 40 nuclear warheads on board. Each of these warheads is eight times more powerful than the atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the biggest supporters of replacing Trident in 2007, has admitted that the only purpose of maintaining the nuclear weapons system is to give Britain status.

Web2Trident and legality

These weapons have no legitimate purpose: their use would beillegal under almost every conceivable circumstance, as huge numbers of civilian casualties would be unavoidable. That is why the International Court of Justice ruled in 1996 the threat or use of nuclear weapons would be contrary to the rules of international law.

Trident and security

Not only are these weapons immoral, potentially genocidal and strategically irrelevant in the face of the realistic threats we face today, they are also hugely expensive. The Government’s National Security Strategy identifies international terrorism, cyber-attacks and natural hazards as greater threats than nuclear war.

Trident and its cost

The government is in favour of replacing Trident at a cost of around £100 billion. This money would be enough to fully fund A&E services for 40 years, employ 150,000 new nurses, build 1.5 million affordable homes, build 30,000 new primary schools, or cover tuition fees for 4 million students.

Students-2Trident and the election

Trident was a major point of debate in the 2015 General Election, with the spectactular gains of the Scottish National Party (SNP) a stark indicator of opposition to nuclear weapons in Scotland. The Scottish people are joined by millions all over the UK who want to see an end to Trident.

 A majority of the British public are in favour of scrapping Trident, and we’re campaigning to make this happen – but we need your help!   


BHCC seeks to strengthen city’s credit union services

Brighton & Hove City Council is to consider becoming a corporate member of East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU).  The move would include loaning the organisation £250k to expand its services to more of the city’s most financially vulnerable residents.


The not for profit organisation currently offers affordable loans, debt management advice and savings accounts to those who are excluded from mainstream lenders for reasons associated with financial hardship such as having a poor credit rating, and seeks to reduce reliance on high cost payday lenders. 


The loan would mean a larger variety of products being available to a wider range and number of individuals and benefit an estimated 2,500 households over and above the current 3,854 Brighton and Hove residents in the ESCU membership.


The proposal will be discussed at the council’s policy and resources committee meeting on 21 January 2016.  Should it be given the go ahead, the £250k loan would be funded from reserves and be payable in full at the end of a five year and one day term. 


Other councils in England that have provided subordinated loans to their local credit union include London Borough, Haringay, Islington, Worthing and Adur.


Cllr Emma Daniel, chair of the Neighbourhood, Communities & Equalities committee, who supports the proposal, said: “This administration has pledged to tackle inequalities in the city and those experiencing financial hardship are among the most disadvantaged.


“The ESCU has reached its limit in terms of the size and number of loans it can offer and with the ongoing impact of welfare and public sector funding reform the city is expecting to see more and more people facing financial vulnerability.


“By investing in the ESCU, the council would be providing an effective financial resource that is directly beneficial to the communities of Brighton and Hove.”


ESCU has provided small loans from £100 to £15,000 to people who struggle to access traditional financial services and its loan rates are much lower than doorstep lenders, typically over 200% lower APR than well-known providers.

 East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) is a local savings and loans co-operative. It started in 2000 as Brighton East Area Credit Union and became ESCU in 2008. The Credit Union currently serves those who live and work in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and has an arrangement to provide services to Unite members in the South East Region.

 ESCU is a mutual – a not for profit organisation which aims to provide high quality, sustainable and easy to access savings and loans. It responds proactively to the needs of its members and works to combat the detrimental effects of poverty and financial exclusion.

 ESCU is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and savings are 100% guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.  It is owned by its members who all live or work in Brighton and Hove and East Sussex. As of September 2015, 3854 (73%) of its 5279 members are Brighton and Hove residents.


Top Climate Expert: Crisis Is Worse Than We Think (Democracy Now Interview)

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman interviewed Kevin Anderson, deputy director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester.

“He has said many scientists are self-censoring their work to downplay the severity of the climate crisis.”

Read Full Article


LISTEN HERE: Fed Radio: How the Fairness Commission can help Disabled People in Brighton

Fair Commision

In this edition of the show, their look at the Fairness Commission to what it does and what it means for disabled people in Brighton and must more.


In this edition of the show, their look at the accessibility for disabled people on pubic transport and what being done to make it happen in Brighton and must more.



Listen Here: Tom Milburn Environment Update: Interviews Adrian Ramsay from CAT.


   In this show, Adrian Ramsay tells us about the work that the Centre of Alternative Technology in Wales do and what may need to be done to achieve a zero carbon future in the UK.


Tom talks to Ryan Woodard from the University of Brighton about the challenges facing waste disposal in the UK and the potential for generating energy from our waste.


Solar Power

In this edition of the Environment update, Tom will look at Solar Power from what it is, to if it can help in the fight against global warming and must more.



Listen here: Economics Weekly with John Weeks Show: Bernie Sanders

This week John looks at Bernie Sanders and his policies as we wait for the final results from the caucuses in Iowa.          LISTEN HERE

Bernie promises ‘As President, I will invest $1 trillion to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure to put 13 million Americans to work in good jobs, invest $5.5 billion to employ 1 million young Americans and provide job-training to hundreds of thousands of others, and create a Clean-Energy Workforce of 10 million good jobs through a 100% clean energy system.’



John Weeks Economics Show 45 “Financial crash” 19.01.2016


John Weeks Economics Show 43 “Spain & Podemos” 05.01.2016


John Weeks Economics Show 42 “Climate conference” 24.12.15





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John Weeks Economics Show 40 “Syria & Turkey” 02.12.15



John Weeks Economics Show 39 “UK Socialism”





John Weeks Economics Show 38 “Consumers & Democracy”


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John Weeks Economics Show 36 “Pound in your pocket” 2


John Weeks Economics Show 35 “Pound in your pocket”




John Weeks Economics Show 33




John Weeks Economics Show 31


John Weeks Economics Show 31



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John Weeks Economics Show 22


John Weeks Economics Show 21



                                                                         John Weeks Economics show 20


 Greeks receiving distribution of free food

Moldovan women await free food distribution


John Weeks Economics show 18



John Weeks Economics show 17



John Weeks Economics show 16



An interview with Brooke Larson about Latin America


continued discussion about United Kingdom General Election 2015, and Greek government.


United Kingdom General Election, 2015.


An interview with Jeff Faux about the American’s Economy


This week John Weeks discusses further the issue of Cuba with Elizabeth Dore talking about “Voices from the Cuban Street”



 The photograph is of Elizabeth Dore and Regla Hernandez Gomez, one of the people she interviewed for her 10 year study of at

Attitudes of Cubans toward the revolution.










First of a new series of commentary on economic conditions and policy in the UK and beyond from John Weeks.John Weeks is a professor emeritus of the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and author of The Economics of the 1%: How Mainstream Economics Serves the Rich, Obscures Reality and Distorts Policy. His recent policy work includes a supplemental unemployment program for the European Union and advising the central banks of Argentina and Zambia. More info on John at


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