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LISTEN HERE: 38 Degrees TTIP Debate 15.04.2015


Debate held by 38 Degrees with local Brighton & Hove MP can­did­ates on the Transat­lantic Trade Invest­ment Part­ner­ship (TTIP).


Listen Here: Caroline Lucas: Honourable Friends? Book Launch


Car­oline Lucas MP launches her new book, “Hon­our­able Friends?” at the Round Georges pub, 14/15 Suth­er­land Road, Queens Park on Wed­nes­day 15th April 2015. Radio Free Brighton went along to record…


Stop Monsanto’s latest attack‏

India’s food crops are cur­rently GMO-free – but that’s about to change very soon, if we don’t act now and stop Monsanto’s latest attack.Monsanto wants to intro­duce its genet­ic­ally engin­eered food crops, start­ing with its pesticide-resistant corn, des­pite facing local opposition.

Monsanto’s pesticide-soaked, mono­cul­ture cor­por­ate agri­cul­ture is awful for farm­ers and the envir­on­ment. And once Monsanto gets con­trol of a country’s food sys­tem, it’svir­tu­ally impossible for farm­ers to get free.

It’s not too late. Sign the peti­tion to stop Monsanto from hold­ing India’s farm­ers to ransom!

Monsanto’s busi­ness model is simple: Get farm­ers hooked on its genet­ic­ally engin­eered, pesticide-resistant seeds. Force those farm­ers to buy new seeds every year — or get sued. And sell them massive amounts of pesti­cides to spray on those seeds.

That’s why, once Monsanto gets its foot in the door, it’s able to almost com­pletely take over a country’s agri­cul­tural sys­tem.

We’ve seen it all hap­pen before in India. A dec­ade ago, Monsanto man­aged to get its cot­ton seeds approved in India. Now over 95% of the cot­ton crop is owned by Monsanto.

And Monsanto has the same plan for India’s food crops.

Wreck­ing eco­sys­tems, selling toxic chem­ic­als, and driv­ing small farm­ers out of busi­ness are all in a day’s work for Monsanto. But it’s not too late for India, if we act now.

SumO­fUs was cre­ated to sup­port people’s struggles against cor­por­ate greed around the world. And we are already fight­ing back against Monsanto — we helped the tiny state of Ver­mont raise almost a quarter of a mil­lion dol­lars to defend them­selves against Monsanto’s bul­ly­ing. If we can raise enough pres­sure on the Indian gov­ern­ment to refuse Monsanto’s GMO crops, we can stop it from exploit­ing a mar­ket of 1.25 bil­lion people.

Ask the gov­ern­ment of India to reject Monsanto’s attempts to take over India’s food sys­tem and save India’s farmers!

Thanks for all that you do,
Kaytee, and the team at SumOfUs


More information:

Monsanto says GM corn trial in final stage in India, Reu­ters, 27 Feb­ru­ary 2015
GM corn trial in final stage, The News Inter­na­tional, 3 March 2015


Listen here:Economics Weekly with John Weeks Show 11 about the American’s Economy


An inter­view with Jeff Faux about the American’s Economy


This week John Weeks dis­cusses fur­ther the issue of Cuba with Eliza­beth Dore talk­ing about “Voices from the Cuban Street”



 The pho­to­graph is of Eliza­beth Dore and Regla Hernan­dez Gomez, one of the people she inter­viewed for her 10 year study of at

Atti­tudes of Cubans toward the revolution.










First of a new series of com­ment­ary on eco­nomic con­di­tions and policy in the UK and bey­ond from John Weeks.John Weeks is a pro­fessor emer­itus of the Uni­ver­sity of London’s School of Ori­ental and African Stud­ies and author of The Eco­nom­ics of the 1%: How Main­stream Eco­nom­ics Serves the Rich, Obscures Real­ity and Dis­torts Policy. His recent policy work includes a sup­ple­mental unem­ploy­ment pro­gram for the European Union and advising the cent­ral banks of Argen­tina and Zam­bia. More info on John at


RFB: Brighton MP Candidates Question Time Debate 14.04.2015


The Future of Our Planet – Which party do you trust?

Make your voice heard….

Brighton Pavilion’s pro­spect­ive Par­lia­ment­ary Can­did­ates will be put in the hot seat on Tues­day April 14th in a pre-election debate that is expec­ted to attract hun­dreds of local people. The event, to be held at the Brighthelm Centre, will probe the parties’ policies on cli­mate change and the envir­on­ment, issues that are close to the heart of many Brighton voters.  What do the 2015 can­did­ates have to offer in what is likely to be a closely-contended local seat?

The debate, mod­elled on the BBC ‘Ques­tion Time’ format, will bring together the five main can­did­ates in the Brighton Pavil­ion con­stitu­ency. “It will provide local people with an oppor­tun­ity to grill the can­did­ates,” says Geoff Barn­ard, a Brighthelm Trustee. “Which party do you trust to come up with effect­ive policies on cli­mate change and lead the UK del­eg­a­tion to the cru­cial cli­mate talks in Paris in Decem­ber? For example: what is their pos­i­tion on frack­ing, nuc­lear power and wind farms? Here’s a chance to hear the argu­ments first hand and make up your mind where to place your vote on elec­tion day.”

Panel mem­bers include:

Hav­ing elec­ted Car­oline Lucas as the first ever Green Party MP in 2010, Brighton Pavil­ion voters have shown they care about envir­on­ment issues. The city is home to an impress­ive array of vol­un­tary groups, not-for-profit organ­isa­tions, and green busi­nesses, work­ing in the sec­tor. The Brighton Peace and Envir­on­ment Centre has released a hun­dred page long dir­ect­ory of such organ­isa­tions and con­firm “The envir­on­ment is now firmly on the agenda.”

In Novem­ber 2014 an Ash­croft opin­ion poll indic­ated that the Green Party, had opened up a 10% lead on Labour in the Brighton Pavil­ion seat, with the Con­ser­vat­ives close behind. But in what is being billed as the most unpre­dict­able elec­tion for years, voters will want to hear what can­did­ates have to say before finally mak­ing up their minds.

This event will give con­stitu­ents the chance to get their green issue addressed. Ollie Pen­d­ered, from co-sponsors of the event, Com­munity Energy South, is keen to hear can­did­ates’ views on energy policy. “I want to know how far the parties are pre­pared to go to stim­u­late and empower our local com­munit­ies to pro­duce and man­age our energy needs loc­ally and to loosen the grip of the ‘Big 6′ energy suppliers.”

Younger voters will be espe­cially wel­come on the night. Bar­bara Lam­bert, a Brighthelm intern and recent Uni­ver­sity of Sus­sex gradu­ate, said, “I hope this event will help encour­age first time voters to engage in the polit­ical pro­cess and gain a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the local can­did­ates’ stance on envir­on­mental issues.”

It will be a ticket only event, with tick­ets avail­able online and at the Brighthelm recep­tion.   They will also be avail­able at the door on the night. Par­ti­cipants will be able to pick up a slip from the “Ask a ques­tion” desk on the night to be con­sidered for the final short­l­ist.  Local voters are encour­aged to join the debate on face­book or twit­ter using the hashtag #elec­tionQT.


Robin Grey and his Nan: A song for David Cameron

The ukulele player who shot to star­dom this week with a swear-filled ser­en­ade for David Cameron has called for polit­ical change.

East Lon­doner Robin Grey, who grew up in Gos­forth, spoke out a day after express­ing his dis­sat­is­fac­tion for the Prime Min­is­ter with an adhoc song in Aln­wick, Northum­ber­land.

The 34-year-old folk singer, maths tutor and char­ity worker was in Aln­wick as part of a cyc­ling holiday.

He explained:

“I was cyc­ling down the hill into Aln­wick, hav­ing spent a while in Northum­ber­land National Park, and I was cut up by a big blue Con­ser­vat­ive Party coach – I couldn’t believe it.

“Then a lot of people got off with bal­loons and David Cameron was among them. It was so strange because it was just them, and no ordin­ary people.

Robin Grey playing his ukulele 

“I was gobsmacked and took my bike over to the other side of the road. I thought, ‘what can I do?’ I didn’t have any eggs and didn’t want to get arres­ted. I could have shouted but that is boring.

“So I grabbed my ukulele and played the first thing that came to me.”

He pro­ceeded to tell the Tory leader, who was attempt­ing to drum up sup­port for the party’s Ber­wick elec­tion can­did­ate Anne-Marie Trev­elyan with a 15-minute walk­about, to “fuck off back to Eton”.

Robin said:

“I con­sider myself to be an act­iv­ist. The more I travel round the coun­try the more I see what people have in com­mon – they want to see change happen.

“I hadn’t rehearsed the song. I am used to pick­ing up by ukulele in primary school and play­ing, and I have worked at the Edin­burgh Fest­ival too so it comes easily.

 “I am amazed at how pop­u­lar the video of my song has been. Look­ing back I prob­ably could have come up with some bet­ter lyr­ics, like address­ing him on the NHS, but at the time I knew I wouldn’t get another chance so I just kept going.”

A secur­ity guard told me not to swear because there were chil­dren around so I did a cleaner second verse.”

He added:

“Change is needed and as more people start to get their inform­a­tion from less obvi­ous routes and media sources, the rul­ing elites are los­ing con­trol and can­not keep telling us what to do.

“After Aln­wick, I headed up to Sea­houses to my nanna. She was sup­port­ive of me mak­ing mis­chief and she knows it comes from a good place.”

With the help of his ukulele, Robin’s causes include the clos­ure of tax breaks for cor­por­a­tions and the super rich, the re-nationalisation of the rail­ways and util­ity com­pan­ies, the pro­vi­sion of singing and music les­sons for all school­chil­dren, scrap­ping of bed­room tax, and a ban on frack­ing in the UK.

Source – New­castle Even­ing Chron­icle, 14 Apr 2015


Listen here: Interview with Shooze band


Inter­view with the excel­lent Shooze who per­formed last week at the Con­corde 2 in Brighton, open­ing for Adam Ant. Danny and Lewis from the RFB went along to inter­view them, stayed for the show and were well impressed! Well done and thanks Shooze


Green MEP calls for day of ‘free public transport’ to combat air pollution

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East Eng­land, is call­ing for pub­lic trans­port across South East Eng­land to be made free within cit­ies and towns today to com­bat the very extreme levels of air pol­lu­tion that is expec­ted across the region.

This fol­lows Paris’s example where the author­it­ies made pub­lic trans­port free dur­ing a smog epis­ode last year.

In pre­vi­ous pol­lu­tion alerts France also imposed a reduced speed limit for traffic.

Along­side this the Mayor reduced city centre access for vehicles altern­at­ing with odd and even regis­tra­tion num­bers. Sim­il­arly the Mayor is also talk­ing about remov­ing diesel vehicles (which are respons­ible for par­tic­u­late emis­sions and NO2) completely.

Experts have recently sug­ges­ted that the death toll from air pol­lu­tion, usu­ally put at around 29,000 a year in the UK, could be sub­stan­tially higher because of the effect of nitro­gen diox­ide (NO2), emit­ted dur­ing fossil fuel burn­ing, which up until now has not been taken into account.

Next Thursday 16th April the Gov­ern­ment are being taken to court by Envir­on­mental group Cli­ent Earth over con­sist­ently high levels of air pol­lu­tion that break EU rules.

Keith Taylor Green MEP for South East Eng­land said:

Meas­ures such as mak­ing pub­lic trans­port free for the day should be con­sidered dur­ing ser­i­ous smog epis­odes in Bri­tain such as the one we’re exper­i­en­cing today. Pre­vi­ous actions taken in Paris shows they recog­nise the unrest caused by air pol­lu­tion and that they are pre­pared to take action.

The Green Party has been warn­ing every­one for years about the ser­i­ous health prob­lems that are asso­ci­ated with air pollution.

How many deaths does it have to take before the Gov­ern­ment will prop­erly act?”


Notes to Editors


The Election Broadcast that everyone is talking about

The Green Party elec­tion broad­cast for 2015 has just been released.

Watch it your­self and please share widely.

Change the Tune’, gives voice to the Green Party as the only true altern­at­ive to the Estab­lish­ment parties who offer more of the same stale politics.

In the dar­ing spoof comedi­ans play­ing Prime Min­is­ter David Cameron, Deputy Prime Min­ster Nick Clegg, Leader of the Oppos­i­tion Ed Miliband and UKIP Leader Nigel Far­age, form one-time boy­band, Coali­tion. The quar­tet sing in har­mony about their shared love of aus­ter­ity and fond­ness for fracking.

Greens believe polit­ics is some­thing you should do rather than have done to you and we are determ­ined to deliver a peace­ful polit­ical revolu­tion at the bal­lot boxes on May 7th 2015.

Nat­alie Ben­nett, Leader of the Green Party of Eng­land and Wales, said: “The West­min­ster con­sensus – which sees all other parties sign up to aus­ter­ity eco­nom­ics, privat­isa­tion of our pub­lic ser­vices and inac­tion on cli­mate change – is com­ing to an end. The Green Party is offer­ing a real altern­at­ive to business-as-usual politics.”

.Watch the film now at


LISTEN HERE: An Interview With J.L. Fontaine

Listen here

She has worked on a chicken farm, in hos­pit­als and old people’s homes and as JJ The Clown, children’s enter­tainer and pup­pet­eer. After gain­ing a Post Gradu­ate Dip­loma in Coun­selling, she worked in a Col­lege and as a Police Wel­fare Officer. Now, she is pub­lish­ing her first novel  — The Mark on 17th April. “A story of guilt, loss and redempt­ive love, The Mark walks a tightrope, bal­an­cing humour, sen­ti­ment, and truth.“
“Liam O’Connell is a man haunted by his past, who lives by steal­ing, scav­en­ging and trick­ing those he meets. He takes shel­ter in a derel­ict cot­tage belong­ing to the recently wid­owed Laura West, and the unlikely pair begin a rela­tion­ship. After a visit from Liam’s estranged wife, Peggy, they are left with Danny, the child she claims is Liam’s, cur­rently liv­ing in care. The pres­sure on all sides leads to a com­plete break­down between Liam and Laura and he leaves. On his return a year later Liam dis­cov­ers that Danny is liv­ing at Laura’s house and has sworn to kill him. Now Liam has to find a way to sur­vive Danny without los­ing Laura.“
On writ­ing ‘The Mark’, by J. L. Fontaine:

Sit­ting in a room at the Pro­ba­tion Ser­vices, I watch the young man next to me light­ing matches and burn­ing the fuzz from his jumper. On my other side someone is passing round pho­tos of his baby son. This is his eighth child and all of them are by dif­fer­ent women. The meet­ing of the Offend­ers Group is about to start.
The men in the room are aged between eight­een and forty. All of them have been in prison, have reoffen­ded and have been sent to this group to see if their beha­viour can be addressed. This is done by teach­ing Life Skills such as budget­ting and find­ing some­where to live. But there is also an oppor­tun­ity to look at why they offend and to hear their side of things.
A late­comer wanders in, sits down, yawns and cas­u­ally tells one of the Pro­ba­tion Officers run­ning the meet­ing that her car is being broken into. She rushes out to invest­ig­ate, accom­pan­ied by one or two of the group mem­bers who are keen for a bit of action. The youth in the jumper leans towards me. ‘Never worry about your car,’ he whis­pers. ‘No one would ever bother to steal such a piece of crap.’ I thank him for his reas­sur­ing words.
The meet­ing even­tu­ally gets under way with a gen­eral dis­cus­sion on find­ing accom­mod­a­tion and keep­ing it. The list of places where they have slept includes beside the heat­ing out­let at the swim­ming pool, under fish­ing boats on the beach and in coffins at an under­takers. Two of the men once slept on the floor of an off licence hav­ing broken in and got so drunk they were still there the next morn­ing when the owner arrived and called the police.
It is time for a cof­fee break which lasts fif­teen minutes. The music sys­tem is locked in a cup­board and we can’t find the key. On hear­ing this, the group sug­gests that we go and make the cof­fee. We hes­it­ate. Leav­ing the group alone is against the rules but we go out briefly, stand just out­side the door and return to find the cup­board open and the music sys­tem play­ing.
Dur­ing the break one older man com­plains that his flat was burgled that after­noon. This is met with loud laughter as he is a recid­iv­ist burg­lar. ‘You prob­ably did it your­self,’ jeers one of the group mem­bers.
Whether this group with its care­fully struc­tured pro­gramme and its atmo­sphere of pos­it­ive regard leads to great reforms is doubt­ful but there are small vic­tor­ies. One week I organ­ise a treas­ure hunt in the town. This is a little risky as the men are to be sent out two by two and might just go home and not return. I have pre­pared clues for six places in town and a ques­tion about each which can only be learned by going there. The win­ners, who com­plete the task extremely swiftly, are awar­ded some very nice ball­point pens. The fol­low­ing week they come to find me wash­ing up in the kit­chen. They want to return the pens. They have cheated. At some point they had read my notes giv­ing the clues and the places. They had copied these, left the build­ing, sat in a pub for an hour and then returned hav­ing ‘solved’ the clues. I am aston­ished that they have owned up. They say it’s because they know that I have put a lot a work into it and that, as they con­sider me a ‘dia­mond’, they have decided to con­fess.
From my time spent with these men and oth­ers like them over a period of three years, emerged the char­ac­ter of Danny with his refusal to back down or lose face, his need to shock, his appar­ently non-caring atti­tude and his sense of humour.”




Brighton shop­pers are flock­ing to an award-winning retailer offer­ing a novel way to reduce shop­ping costs and save on waste.

The Lon­don Road shop hiSbe “How It Should Be” now offers a clever new multi-purpose car­rier bag at the till which can con­vert into a 60 litre bin liner or recyc­ling sack when shop­pers get home, or be re-used many times at the check­out till. Cus­tom­ers are being encour­aged to try the bag and fill in a short sur­vey to help refine the design.

The bag, another Brighton innov­a­tion, will also enable shop­pers to avoid the 5 pence tax on every single use bag com­ing to all stores across Eng­land in September.

Bag Re:Born inventor, Richard Sim­mon­ite, said: “Single use car­rier bags are an envir­on­mental dis­aster, but reusable car­ri­ers need to be used a lot of times to be any bet­ter. Research has found that people typ­ic­ally use their single use car­rier bags as bin liners, so it made sense to try and cre­ate a product that would do both things while redu­cing the envir­on­mental impact of bags.”

HISBE founders, Ruth and Amy Anslow, added: “Todays shop­pers are act­ive sup­port­ers of social enter­prise and sus­tain­ab­il­ity. Bag Re:Born is a great fit with our cus­tom­ers val­ues as well as sav­ing them money and redu­cing waste”. 

Both com­pan­ies have won industry awards for their innovations.

Eager shop­pers have already grabbed 300 of these new bags in their first week at hiSbe. Bag Re:Born is fore­cast­ing to save fam­il­ies hun­dreds of pounds and pre­vent mil­lions of single use bags being thrown away every year.

Richard Sim­mon­ite
Founder & CEO

Bag Re:Born

twit­ter: BagReborn


Bag Reborn Lim­ited is a com­pany registered in Eng­land and Wales with com­pany num­ber 07476093. Registered office: 67 Church Rd, Hove. BN3 2BD. Please be aware that this entire email (includ­ing any attach­ments) is inten­ded for the addressee(s) only, and may con­tain con­fid­en­tial inform­a­tion. The unau­thor­ised use, dis­clos­ure or copy­ing of this email, attach­ments if any or any inform­a­tion con­tained within is strictly pro­hib­ited and may be illegal. If you are not the inten­ded recip­i­ent, please notify the author and delete this email imme­di­ately in its entirety. Thank you.
Save trees — Think before you print!

Listen to Peoples Debate on the NHS

Debate hos­ted by Save the NHS cam­paign with local Kemp­town politi­cians, NHS work­ers and the Pub­lic on 09.04.2015.
The next big event is the Peoples Debate on the NHS — Your Future, Your Decision - Tues­day 24th, 7-9p.m. at the Friends Meet­ing House, Brighton.
Also there is an open meet­ing of the Board of Sus­sex Com­munity Trust this Thursday 26th March, where we would like any­body attend­ing to ask about the num­ber of com­munity or step down beds for people recov­er­ing from major sur­gery to be increased, and why SCT aren’t doing more to increase the num­bers.
For those of you in West Sus­sex — and any one else who can sup­port — there are sev­eral talks com­ing up before the elec­tion. These are by the National Health Action (NHA) Party pro­spect­ive par­lia­ment­ary can­did­ate for East Wor­th­ing and Shore­ham, Dr Carl Walker.
And, some­thing to ques­tion your GP about? Research by UNITE the union shows that over a quarter of people on CCG’s have links to private health care firms:

Listen Here: United Nations Association – Election Hustings


The United Nations Asso­ci­ation held an Elec­tion Hust­ings with par­lia­ment­ary candidates: Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour (Lewes & Seahaven); Clar­ence Mitchel, Con­ser­vat­ive (Pavil­ion); Davy Jones, Greens (Kemp Town) and Paul Chand­ler, Lib Dem (Kemp Town).



Alex Mabbs came to the United Nations Asso­ci­ation (UNA) meet­ing to give a talk on cli­mate change.

Alex Mabbs is a United Reformed Church min­is­ter based at the Brighthelm centre, in Brighton in Sus­sex, England.

Alex Mabb’s blog =



Tom Lines came to the United Nations Asso­ci­ation (UNA) meet­ing to give a talk of the city of Lon­don as a centre of fin­an­cial power in Britain.

Tom Lines is a Writer, Eco­nom­ics, trade and devel­op­ment consultant.

You can learn more about Tom Lines and his work at
and fol­low him on Twit­ter @TomLINESorguk

Tom says: I’m attach­ing a paper that I pro­duced for the talk (but please note that pp. 2–4 are not com­plete yet).  And here are links for some other things I men­tioned in it:
Coun­cil of the Inter­na­tional Reg­u­lat­ory Strategy Group:

Art­icle by Bur­eau of Invest­ig­at­ive Journ­al­ism (one of sev­eral it did in 2012)[:

Listen Here Richard D Wolff: Economic Update:The Worker Coop Alternative


Title: Hon­est Eco­nom­ics
“Updates on Bernanke’s new big-bucks fin­ance job, GM avoids bil­lions in vic­tims’ claims for faulty igni­tions, Seattle cap­it­al­ist raises all work­ers to min­imum $70k/yr, Amer­ic­ans’ self-delusion on inequal­ity, private profit trumps pub­lic policy, and anti-student-debt act­iv­ism. Responses to listen­ers: impact on China if capitalism’s relo­ca­tion stopped. Major dis­cus­sions of eco­nom­ics of wages and prices, nar­row­ness of eco­nom­ics edu­ca­tion, and basic global eco­nomic devel­op­ment issue.”


Title:  “The Worker Coop Alternative”
  “Updates on inad­equate unem­ploy­ment insur­ance, Ted Cruz’s cam­paign money, law giv­ing domestic work­ers real bene­fits, and demon­iz­ing the poor. Responses to ques­tions on Cali­for­nia drought and US med­ical system’s exper­i­ments on people. Inter­view with Yochai Gal on Tech­Col­lect­ives he organ­ized: two suc­cess­ful worker coops.”



Eco­nomic Change and Per­sonal Life Crises

Updates on car parts industry, Ger­man courts cut Über, Russia’s eco­nomy grows des­pite sanc­tions, no recov­ery in declin­ing teach­ing pos­i­tions for new US PhDs in human­it­ies, and huge Mex­ican strikes against Driscoll ber­ries pro­duced for US. Responses to listen­ers on (1) coun­tries’ cur­rency manip­u­la­tions and (2) role of uni­ons in work­ers’ coops. Inter­view Dr. Har­riet Fraad, men­tal health coun­sel­lor, on how capitalism’s changes since 1970s have dis­rup­ted the per­sonal lives of US men and women and cre­at­ive solutions.



Sys­tem Change: Then and Now

Updates on Trans-Pacific Part­ner­ship secrets, the Heinz-Kraft mer­ger, the overly costly, under­per­form­ing US med­ical care sys­tem, fines for Graco selling faulty child car-seats, China’s real-estate bubble, and estate tax repeal by Repub­lican House. Response to listener on prop­erty: private versus pub­lic. Major dis­cus­sion of how sys­tem change happened in the past and and how in cap­it­al­ism today.



Eco­nom­ics of Corruption”

Updates on Yel­len press conference,“Blockupy” protests in Europe against ECB and aus­ter­ity, New York mayor DiBla­sio signs bill for worker coops, and import­ant fight over clos­ing Sweet Briar col­lege. Inter­view with vet­eran reporter Bob Hen­nelly on eco­nom­ics of US polit­ical cor­rup­tion with spe­cial focus on his nat­ive New Jersey.


Hous­ing, Cit­ies, Suburbs”

Updates on pizza polit­ics, chan­ging cur­rency val­ues, and tax-cutting politi­cians’ wild claims. Responses on work­ers coops’ com­pet­it­ive­ness and on ‘unfree’ agri­cul­tural mar­kets. Inter­view Wal­ter South on eco­nom­ics of hous­ing and dan­ger­ous eco­nom­ics of US cit­ies and suburbs.


Eco­nomic Decline and Grow­ing Resistance”

Updates on taxis vs Über vs driver coops, an apo­logy on Detroit, Inter­na­tional Womens Day, and cut­ting work­ers’ com­pens­a­tion. Response to listen­ers on the eco­nom­ics of debts, past and present. Major dis­cus­sions of (1) res­ist­ing eco­nomic decline: Min­nesota gov­ernor, Emma Thompson and Pope Fran­cis, (2) Wis­con­sin gov­ernor presides over eco­nomic decline, and (3) extremes of eco­nomic inequality.


Updates on Europeans’ struggles against aus­ter­ity policies. Response to ques­tions on how work­ers’ self-directed enter­prises solve vari­ous prob­lems (espe­cially fin­an­cing and dif­fer­ent skill levels). In depth crit­ical dis­cus­sion of ‘free enter­prise’ and the free enter­prise system.


Listen here Willice Onyango with Ishan Cader on governance

Last week we were delighted to wel­come to Radio Free Brighton a group from Kenya includ­ing Wil­lice Onyango who were here as guests of the Uni­ver­sity of Brighton.


Wil­lice Onyango is an inter­na­tional youth advoc­ate. His work cen­ters on global advocacy work that puts young people at the heart of devel­op­ment policy and prac­tice, pri­or­it­iz­ing the post-2015 agenda.

Wil­lice Onyango is Chair­per­son of the Inter­na­tional Youth Coun­cil Chapter in Kenya, a Chil­dren and Youth Work­ing Group nom­inee to the Bey­ond 2015 Draft­ing Com­mit­tee and Africa Youth Ambas­sador for Water, San­it­a­tion and Hygiene (WASH).

Wil­lice has served as Youth Mobil­izer for Rio+20 Dia­logues, Africa Youth Rep­res­ent­at­ive to the Africa We Want, Youth nom­inee to Bey­ond 2015 Draft­ing Com­mit­tee and Youth Rep­res­ent­at­ive at the Post 2015 High Level Panel Meet­ings of Immin­ent Per­sons meet­ings in Bali, Lon­don and Monrovia.He has con­vened, spoke at, par­ti­cip­ated in major national, regional and inter­na­tional conferences.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Inter­na­tional Dip­lomacy and Dis­aster Management

Ishan Cader is Adjunct Pro­fessor in Polit­ics and Eco­nom­ics at Syra­cuse Uni­ver­sity London

He was a com­mis­sion­ing editor and pro­du­cer for Pod Academy. He pre­vi­ously worked for Radio Free Brighton, pro­du­cing and broad­cast­ing programmes


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