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LISTEN HERE: BUDS The Pepperonis Radio Play


Brighton Uni­ver­sity Drama Soci­ety per­form Eric Coble’s ‘The Pepperonis’

A look at Tony Pep­p­er­oni, his fam­ily, his ther­ap­ist, and the viol­ent dough busi­ness that just keeps pulling him back in… First broad­cast on WCLV in 2004.


Brighton Uni­ver­sity Drama Soci­ety is back with a series of won­der­ful radio plays. This week Death of a Jazz Salesman




Kayla Ente dis­cusses energy issues in the light of the new polit­ical envir­on­ment and talks to Karla Rosendahl, RFB’s cur­rent intern from Den­mark about the use of sus­tain­ables in Denmark.

Listen Here to her new show.

Today’s topic: Com­par­ison of sus­tain­able energy sources used in Bri­tain and Denmark.



Kayla Ente from Brighton and Hove Energy Ser­vices Coop is back, talk­ing this week to Jackie Chase about the implic­a­tions of the new gov­ern­ment for the energy policy and sus­tain­ables. Also with news of the share launch hap­pen­ing now at BHESCO. More info at


LISTEN HERE: Davy Jones Politics Show: Interview with SNP MP George Kerevan



This week Dave Jones inter­views Scot­tish SNP MP for East Lothian, George Kerevan.

The Res­ult !

Dear friends & supporters,

After an amaz­ing two year cam­paign, the elec­tion finally took place on Thursday 7th May. My apo­lo­gies for tak­ing so long to post this but I have been recov­er­ing from the 29 hour day and night mara­thon ses­sion. Thank you so much for your support.

National elec­tion 

You prob­ably already know that against most people’s expect­a­tions and the polls, the Tor­ies won the national election.

Well, actu­ally they won the Eng­lish elec­tion. They and all the other West­min­ster parties decis­ively lost the elec­tion in Scot­land, where the left of centre Scot­tish Nation­al­ists swept all before them and romped to victory.

And even in Eng­land the Tor­ies won just 36.9% of the vote on a turnout of around 66%. In other words just under a quarter of the pop­u­la­tion voted for them. Their share of the vote crept up less than 1%. This was no landslide.

But with the col­lapse of the Lib Dems it was enough to give the Tor­ies a major­ity of seats under the UK’s archaic “First Past The Post (FPTP) vot­ing system.

The old three-party sys­tem has been blown open — the defin­ing image of the Gen­eral Elec­tion for many people was the 7 Lead­ers Head to Head elec­tion debate. The pre­vi­ously smal­ler parties like the Greens, the SNP and Plaid Cymru and UKIP now have 61 seats between them.

The Greens polled 4% nation­ally — four times the amount of 2010. If we had pro­por­tional rep­res­ent­a­tion, the Green Party would have around 25 seats!

Brighton res­ults

The great news is that Car­oline Lucas, the first Green MP in the UK here in Brighton, was re-elected by a thump­ing increased  major­ity of almost 8,000 votes.

And here in Brighton Kemp­town we also increased our vote — but sadly did not win the seat.

In fact, this tra­di­tional Tory/Labour mar­ginal seat saw both the two major parties put­ting a huge squeeze on the poten­tial voters for other parties.

Labour in Kemp­town tar­geted our voters relent­lessly in the final weeks of the cam­paign to vote “tac­tic­ally for Labour to keep the Tor­ies out”. They delivered let­ters to people dis­play­ing Green posters, rang people up and knocked on doors. Sadly it had an effect and we lost a lot of poten­tial votes.

But it meant lots of people wasted their votes — the incum­bent Tory MP nar­rowly retained his seat, rid­ing the last-minute swing to the Tor­ies. So “tac­tical voters” voted for a party they didn’t sup­port and didn’t achieve their object­ive either. Let that be a les­son to them.

Here’s the res­ult in full:

Simon Kirby (Tory) 18,428
Nancy Platts (Labour) 17,738
Ian Buchanan (UKIP) 4,446
Davy Jones (Green) 3,178
Paul Chand­ler (Lib Dems) 1,365
Oth­ers  142

We got 7% — up from 5% at the 2010 Gen­eral Elec­tion and we saved our deposit.

But the res­ult sig­ni­fic­antly under­states our real sup­port. There were local elec­tions on the same day where the pres­sure to vote tac­tic­ally to “keep the Tor­ies out” did not exist. Adding the votes up in all those local elec­tion wards in the con­stitu­ency, we got double the num­ber of votes — 6,400 — show­ing that our real sup­port was much higher, closer to 14%.

We are very upbeat about our local cam­paign. We suc­ceeded in keep­ing Labour so busy that they could not put resources into top­pling Car­oline Lucas in the adjoin­ing Brighton Pavil­ion seat.

We built up new bases of sup­port right across the con­stitu­ency. We sup­por­ted many worthy local cam­paigns. We had a big vis­ible and polit­ical impact on the con­stitu­ency — picked up by the local media. We won the argu­ments and came out on top in all the elec­tion hust­ings loc­ally. And we had fun at the same time.

All this was only pos­sible because of your help. We estim­ate the two main parties spent between £50,000 to £100,000 on their cam­paigns due to big dona­tions from busi­ness or trade uni­ons. We raised every penny ourselves and spent a tenth of that amount.

Thank you so much for your sup­port. If you have not joined the Green Party please con­sider doing so. We are the future.

We hope to put up more mater­ial on the web­site from elec­tion day shortly but there is already loads of mater­ial with pics on the Face­book page — see below.


Thanks for your sup­port !You can fol­low me here:


Cam­paign web­site:



This week on the Polit­ics show RFB’s Adam inter­views Davy Jones, Green Party MP can­did­ate for Brighton Kemptown.



This week Dave Jones inter­views John All­cock from the Brighton People’s Assembly on the Aus­ter­ity and the May­Day! May­Day! The Peoples Fête, a local move­ment of res­ist­ance and solid­ar­ity being held on the 2nd May through­out Brighton (link below).–05-02–130000-2015–05-02–160000/mayday-mayday



This week Dave Jones inter­views cli­mate sci­ence pro­fessor, Paul Beckwith.



This week Dave Jones dis­cusses Frack­ing with Claire Robin­son and Atlanta Cook from Frack Free Sussex.



This Week Dave Jones dis­cusses polit­ics with two stu­dents from the Uni­ver­sity of Brighton, Yas­min and Callum.



This week Davy jones inter­views Mal­colm Cook, dir­ector and presenter of Grow­ing Con­cerns on LATEST TV.



Davy Jones, Green Party Par­lia­ment­ary Can­did­ate for Brighton Kemp­town dis­cusses protest music with Robb John­son and Bethan Prosser


A cam­paign group in Brighton has arranged a protest to coin­cide with a coun­cil meet­ing, after pro­pos­als to close children’s centres across the city.

Brighton Children’s Centres Cam­paign (BCCC) will lead the march, which will go from New Road adja­cent to the Pavil­ion Gar­dens to Hove Town Hall.Thursday Feb­ru­ary 26.

The march will coin­cide with a coun­cil budget meet­ing at Hove Town Hall to approve plans to downs­ize and close children’s centres in the city.

Cllr. Sue Shanks, Chair of the Chil­dren & Young People Com­mit­tee at Brighton and Hove City Coun­cil, said: “We are facing cuts in our budget, but we are not pro­pos­ing to close centres, our pro­pos­als are about rais­ing tax.

I wel­come the protests — I wish more people protest about the things they do not like.”

The pub­lic con­sulta­tion about the pro­pos­als to close and reduce centres across the city received nearly 1,000 responses.

Last month the pro­pos­als were announced, which includes a cut of over £800,000 to children’s ser­vices across the city.

The BCCC is urging sup­port­ers to come along to the march, with signs and pictures.



Davy Jones’ guest this week is Mar­ina Pren­toulis who is Senior Lec­turer in polit­ics and media at the Uni­ver­sity of East Anglia. She is also a mem­ber of Syr­iza and of the Greece Solid­ar­ity Cam­paign. Davy and Mar­ina dis­cuss the recent elec­tions in Greece and the impact of these events in Europe.


This week Davy inter­views Ken Montague who is build­ing local sup­port for the “Time to Act on Cli­mate Change!” national demon­stra­tion on March 7th? You can find out more from


 38 Degrees mem­ber David Fisher has star­ted a peti­tion call­ing on Brighton & Hove Coun­cil to refuse plan­ning per­mis­sion to turn the Brighton Hip­po­drome into an 8 screen cinema. He’d like to see it restored and turned into a live venue, what do you think?

Here’s what David says:

The mag­ni­fi­cent Brighton Hip­po­drome needs your help to save it from being wrecked. It is a unique theatre build­ing, lis­ted Grade II* by Eng­lish Her­it­age because of its his­tor­ical and archi­tec­tural significance.

After clos­ing as a vari­ety theatre in 1965, it was a bingo hall until 2007. The stun­ning interior, how­ever, is still in remark­able con­di­tion, with very little deterioration.

Sud­denly, in mid 2013, a pro­posal to con­vert the build­ing into an eight-screen cinema emerged. The plans involve demol­ish­ing the stage, the fly-tower, all the back-stage facil­it­ies, the stalls and the orches­tra pit. Without these it ceases to be a theatre.”

Click here to sign his peti­tion now:


If you have any com­ments on David’s cam­paign, you can join the con­ver­sa­tion on the 38 Degrees Face­book page here


Sat­urday 13th – Sunday 21st June 2015

Gatwick Detainee Wel­fare Group’s unique walk fol­lows the North Downs Way from Dover to Craw­ley via Can­ter­bury along some of the paths that were taken by the Can­ter­bury pil­grims many cen­tur­ies ago. We will be reflect­ing on the many long and dan­ger­ous jour­neys that refugees make flee­ing war and per­se­cu­tion, seek­ing a safe place to live.

They wel­come walk­ers to join  the 80 mile walk - for the whole route, a day or a few days.

Fol­low­ing a col­our­ful launch event at the begin­ning of the walk in Dover, arts events (drama, art, music, poetry and prose) inspired by The Can­ter­bury Tales will be held at every even­ing stop on the walk.



This week Davy Jones talks to John All­cock from Brighton People’s Assembly about the event Sat Jan10th, Brighthelm Centre 10–4.30pm
Power to the People? A cit­izens’ con­ver­sa­tion about demo­cracy, cuts and resistance.

Why does a crisis of the bank­ing sys­tem mean that we have to have our bene­fits and ser­vices cut?
What gave the Ritzy cinema work­ers the cour­age to strike and win a liv­ing wage?
What happened when a group of young single mums refused to accept evic­tion and rehous­ing far away from their com­munity in East Lon­don?
How can we stop our NHS being dis­mantled piece by piece?

Come to Power to the People? to learn about what we’re up against and dis­cuss how to take back our power and make our voices heard, here in Brighton.
Cam­paign stalls– Films
– Dis­cus­sion and skill shar­ing work­shops
– Free lunch
Sat­urday, 10 Janu­ary 2015 — 10:00 to 16:30
Brighthelm Centre
North Road
BN1 1YD Brighton

Who is Davy Jones? Davy Jones, Green Party Par­lia­ment­ary Can­did­ate for Brighton Kemp­town, and reg­u­lar host of the Polit­ics Show, answers ques­tions posed by Jackie Chase of Radio Free Brighton and other volun­teers from the radio sta­tion.                 LISTEN HERE

Pre­vi­ous Shows:

Salt­dean Coun­tryside Alli­ance  LISTEN HERE

This week Davy Jones talks to Lisa For­rest from the Salt­dean Coun­tryside Alli­ance. A Plan­ning applic­a­tion has been received by Brighton and Hove City Coun­cil for 36 houses on the edge of the downs in Rot­ting­dean, at the north­ern end of West­me­ston Avenue, to the rear of Bish­op­stone Drive and Falmer Avenue, Salt­dean and can be clearly seen from Dean Court Road. To find out more and raise objec­tions go to

City of Sanc­tu­ary                LISTEN HERE

This week Davy Jones meets Jenny Lans­dell from City of Sanctuary.City of Sanc­tu­ary is a national net­work, a move­ment of local groups made up by busi­nesses, com­munity organ­isa­tions and indi­vidu­als, all with one thing in com­mon; their belief that sanc­tu­ary seekers should be wel­comed, and that their con­tri­bu­tion to soci­ety should be cel­eb­rated.
City of Sanc­tu­ary Brighton…

Dis­cus­sion of the Drugs Issue     LISTEN HERE

This week Davy and Steve Peake dis­cuss the issue of drugs and effect­ive ways to approach the sub­ject through our com­munity and gov­ern­ment policy and altern­at­ive approaches being taken in other countries.


Listen here: Economics Weekly with John Weeks Show 15

                                                                                                 LISTEN HERE



An inter­view with Brooke Lar­son about Latin America


con­tin­ued dis­cus­sion about United King­dom Gen­eral Elec­tion 2015, and Greek government.


United King­dom Gen­eral Elec­tion, 2015.


An inter­view with Jeff Faux about the American’s Economy


This week John Weeks dis­cusses fur­ther the issue of Cuba with Eliza­beth Dore talk­ing about “Voices from the Cuban Street”



 The pho­to­graph is of Eliza­beth Dore and Regla Hernan­dez Gomez, one of the people she inter­viewed for her 10 year study of at

Atti­tudes of Cubans toward the revolution.










First of a new series of com­ment­ary on eco­nomic con­di­tions and policy in the UK and bey­ond from John Weeks.John Weeks is a pro­fessor emer­itus of the Uni­ver­sity of London’s School of Ori­ental and African Stud­ies and author of The Eco­nom­ics of the 1%: How Main­stream Eco­nom­ics Serves the Rich, Obscures Real­ity and Dis­torts Policy. His recent policy work includes a sup­ple­mental unem­ploy­ment pro­gram for the European Union and advising the cent­ral banks of Argen­tina and Zam­bia. More info on John at


Fundraising Gig for Sea Sheppard Sat 16th Cowley 7pm to late

  • Drink beer and sup­port Sea Shep­herd UK! Now with added bands!12 Lon­don Road, BN1 4JA Brighton

Sea Shep­herd UK is a dir­ect action mar­ine con­ser­va­tion charity.At the moment we have a cam­paign run­ning in Scot­land stop­ping sal­mon farm­ers and sal­mon fish­er­men shoot­ing seals.This party is to cel­eb­rate the launch of our own label organic Vegan ale called Ocean Warrior.Donations on the door and part of the pro­ceeds from the sale of our ale go dir­ectly to help­ing us stop the seal slaughter.

Music, enter­tain­ment and more featuring:



Sea Shep­herd Global announces its 2015 Faroe Islands pilot whale defense cam­paign, Oper­a­tion Slep­pid Grindini. From June 14 through to Octo­ber, Sea Shep­herd crew­mem­bers from around the world will return to the Dan­ish Faroe Islands to once again halt the mass slaughter of long-finned pilot whales and other small ceta­ceans in the region.

The cam­paign marks the com­mence­ment of Sea Shepherd’s increased pres­ence in the North Atlantic, where the organ­iz­a­tion will use its South­ern Ocean suc­cesses to com­bat the con­tinu­ing, unne­ces­sary slaughter of cetaceans.

For hun­dreds of years the people of the Faroe Islands have been herd­ing migrat­ing pilot whales from the sea into shal­low water and slaughter­ing them. The slaughter, known by the Faroese term ‘grindad­ráp’ or ‘grind’, is a bru­tal and bloody tra­di­tion that wipes-out entire fam­ily groups of whales and dol­phins at one time.


Brighton Soup: ‘Improving your community, one bowl of soup at a time.’

Title: Brighton Soup
Venue: South Portslade Com­munity Centre
Time: 18:00 — 22:00
Date: 19th June 2015
Cost: £4 or £2 if under 12

Improv­ing your com­munity, one bowl of soup at a time. Like Dragon’s Den, with Soup – where you get to be a Dragon.

Local people get­ting together to fund local pro­jects. With eat­ing, chat­ting, music, enter­tain­ment and vot­ing. And did we men­tion soup?
All for a £4 entry fee, which goes to the most pop­u­lar pro­ject pro­posed on the night. Not a for­tune, but enough to get the win­ning pro­ject started.
So check it out and come along. And if you’d like to get involved go to our web­site to see how you can help.
In the mean­time, if you have a pro­ject you’d like to present at our first event read the details on our site and get applying!
The Brighton­Soup Team
Twit­ter: @BrightonSoupUK

Listen here: Town of Cats’ Single — Demon


Like a bit of Gyp-Hop Ska with lash­ings of Latino and a side of Funk? Look no fur­ther, Town of Cats most recent single ‘Demon’ cap­tures all of the above and more.

Here’s the link to the Sound­cloud page for the single:


TTIP: The time has come to rid the world of this shady trade deal.


A senior UN offi­cial has just spoken out about the secret­ive TTIP deal, warn­ing of “a dysto­pian future in which cor­por­a­tions call the shots instead of demo­cra­cies”, and high­light­ing sig­ni­fic­ant fears about human rights abuses should the deal go through. 

Next month is a pivotal moment to stop TTIP for good: the European Par­lia­ment will be vot­ing on a land­mark res­ol­u­tion on TTIP.

A whop­ping 1.7 mil­lion of us have already signed up to oppose the dev­ast­at­ing TTIP deal, and now we’re push­ing to hit 2 mil­lion sig­na­tures before the big vote to ensure our MEPs force the European Com­mis­sion to stand up for democracy.

Can you add your voice to the European Cit­izens’ Ini­ti­at­ive against TTIP now? 

We have teamed up with more than 400 part­ner organ­isa­tions all across the European Union to form a self-organised, EU-wide cit­izens’ ini­ti­at­ive against TTIP and CETA.

The rap­idly grow­ing oppos­i­tion against the TTIP has European lead­ers ter­ri­fied. They’re scram­bling to save the deal by pro­pos­ing super­fi­cial changes to appease the public.

But we’re not buy­ing it. A freshly-leaked chapter of the draft treaty just revealed that TTIP poses an even greater risk to our demo­cracy than we thought. If TTIP passes, it will put every single new envir­on­mental, health, and labour stand­ard in jeop­ardy. Our best chance to stop this deal now is to make sure as many MEPs as pos­sible vote against the deal.

Will you add your name now so we reach 2 mil­lion sig­na­tures by June 1st?

Global oppos­i­tion to secret­ive trade deals is grow­ing by the second as people begin to learn that this deal isn’t about jobs and the eco­nomy — it’s about cor­por­ate greed. SumO­fUs mem­bers and allies have been instru­mental in rais­ing the pro­file on these secret trade deals across the planet — from trav­el­ling to nego­ti­ations and run­ning demon­stra­tions to sneak­ing inside hotels where nego­ti­ations are tak­ing place. Let’s rally behind the UN’s urgent warn­ing and stop these dan­ger­ous talks for good.




Brighton shop­pers are flock­ing to an award-winning retailer offer­ing a novel way to reduce shop­ping costs and save on waste.

The Lon­don Road shop hiSbe “How It Should Be” now offers a clever new multi-purpose car­rier bag at the till which can con­vert into a 60 litre bin liner or recyc­ling sack when shop­pers get home, or be re-used many times at the check­out till. Cus­tom­ers are being encour­aged to try the bag and fill in a short sur­vey to help refine the design.

The bag, another Brighton innov­a­tion, will also enable shop­pers to avoid the 5 pence tax on every single use bag com­ing to all stores across Eng­land in September.

Bag Re:Born inventor, Richard Sim­mon­ite, said: “Single use car­rier bags are an envir­on­mental dis­aster, but reusable car­ri­ers need to be used a lot of times to be any bet­ter. Research has found that people typ­ic­ally use their single use car­rier bags as bin liners, so it made sense to try and cre­ate a product that would do both things while redu­cing the envir­on­mental impact of bags.”

HISBE founders, Ruth and Amy Anslow, added: “Todays shop­pers are act­ive sup­port­ers of social enter­prise and sus­tain­ab­il­ity. Bag Re:Born is a great fit with our cus­tom­ers val­ues as well as sav­ing them money and redu­cing waste”. 

Both com­pan­ies have won industry awards for their innovations.

Eager shop­pers have already grabbed 300 of these new bags in their first week at hiSbe. Bag Re:Born is fore­cast­ing to save fam­il­ies hun­dreds of pounds and pre­vent mil­lions of single use bags being thrown away every year.

Richard Sim­mon­ite
Founder & CEO

Bag Re:Born

twit­ter: BagReborn


Bag Reborn Lim­ited is a com­pany registered in Eng­land and Wales with com­pany num­ber 07476093. Registered office: 67 Church Rd, Hove. BN3 2BD. Please be aware that this entire email (includ­ing any attach­ments) is inten­ded for the addressee(s) only, and may con­tain con­fid­en­tial inform­a­tion. The unau­thor­ised use, dis­clos­ure or copy­ing of this email, attach­ments if any or any inform­a­tion con­tained within is strictly pro­hib­ited and may be illegal. If you are not the inten­ded recip­i­ent, please notify the author and delete this email imme­di­ately in its entirety. Thank you.
Save trees — Think before you print!

Listen to Peoples Debate on the NHS

Debate hos­ted by Save the NHS cam­paign with local Kemp­town politi­cians, NHS work­ers and the Pub­lic on 09.04.2015.
The next big event is the Peoples Debate on the NHS — Your Future, Your Decision - Tues­day 24th, 7-9p.m. at the Friends Meet­ing House, Brighton.
Also there is an open meet­ing of the Board of Sus­sex Com­munity Trust this Thursday 26th March, where we would like any­body attend­ing to ask about the num­ber of com­munity or step down beds for people recov­er­ing from major sur­gery to be increased, and why SCT aren’t doing more to increase the num­bers.
For those of you in West Sus­sex — and any one else who can sup­port — there are sev­eral talks com­ing up before the elec­tion. These are by the National Health Action (NHA) Party pro­spect­ive par­lia­ment­ary can­did­ate for East Wor­th­ing and Shore­ham, Dr Carl Walker.
And, some­thing to ques­tion your GP about? Research by UNITE the union shows that over a quarter of people on CCG’s have links to private health care firms:

People’s Republic of Brighton & Hove


The People’s Repub­lic page is a sup­port group in these dif­fi­cult times, as well as a space to be pos­it­ive and light­hearted. We would like it to reflect everything that’s sane and pro­gress­ive about our fant­astic city.” — Facebook

I woke up the morn­ing after the elec­tion and saw that Brighton and Hove was now just a tiny red and green island in an abso­lute sea of blue. And I just wanted some­where to share my grief,” says Jason Smart, on the moment of vis­ceral mourn­ing that led him to declare the inde­pend­ence of the People’s Repub­lic of Brighton and Hove.

Nations have been foun­ded on a whim, but the People’s Repub­lic of Brighton and Hove may be the first to be foun­ded as a thera­peutic device after an unex­pec­ted Tory vic­tory. Last week, while the rest of the Eng­land was fren­ziedly vot­ing Tory, Brighton and Hove dug their heels in, and instead voted in a Green MP (Car­oline Lucas, her second term and this time with a major­ity of 8,000) and a Labour MP (Peter Kyle, tak­ing over a tra­di­tion­ally Tory con­stitu­ency with a major­ity of just over 1,000).

Smart may have inten­ded the repub­lic as a joke, but as the city, full of envir­on­ment­al­ists and lefties, woke up, there was plenty of need for vent­ing of grief and nearly 8,000 people have signed up. There have already been requests for asylum from neigh­bour­ing Kemp­town, and fur­ther north-east, Lewes has reques­ted an inva­sion and prom­ised to sup­ply the fireworks.

The republic's new passport.

The republic’s new pass­port. Pho­to­graph — Face­bookThe repub­lic already has a flag (although there is, nat­ur­ally, some dis­pute about the font), a pass­port, and a few the­or­et­ical policies. Tor­ies, for example, will not be depor­ted, but instead “wel­comed – we need to try to under­stand their mind­set and work out how to con­vert them”. There is also talk of build­ing a tac­tical alli­ance with “our nat­ural allies, the Scots. If any­one is likely to recog­nise our inde­pend­ence, it’s Nic­ola Stur­geon.”

One sup­porter has sug­ges­ted an entry ques­tion­naire on “early 90s music, Star Wars, graphic design, skate­boards and BMX­ing and Bobby Gillespie, fol­lowed by an appraisal of over­all style factor ie beard style, length, tat­too qual­ity and cut of jeans”. Chumbawumba’sTub­thump­ing is being sug­ges­ted as a pos­sible anthem, although Bob Marley’s One Love is fight­ing back. A pos­sible con­sti­tu­tion would begin, “We have the right to bare legs”, while aid par­cels to sur­round­ing Tory con­stitu­en­cies would include Brighton Gin, cof­fee, a yoga mat and a seagull relax­a­tion tape.

Now all I need to do is grow a beard,” says Smart, who was a hat-maker before des­tiny caught up with him. “I’ll spend the after­noon work­ing on that.”


Listen Here Richard D Wolff: Economic Update: Children, Capitalism, Family Values?


Chil­dren, Cap­it­al­ism, Fam­ily Values?

Updates on Alberta elec­tion, Kan­sas closes schools early, Gal­lup polls on unequal US wealth and on aver­age work weeks over 40 hours, Über and mar­kets, ignor­ance about USSR eco­nomy. Response to listen­ers on pub­lic sub­sidies to private profits. Inter­view with Dr. Har­riet Fraad on chil­dren and fam­il­ies in US capitalism.



Capitalism’s Other Side

Updates on May Day hol­i­day, Bal­timore upris­ing, Nepal earthquake/poverty, Varoufa­kis vs repres­sion, and Bud Light push­ing beer by endan­ger­ing women. Response to listener’s ques­tions on vari­et­ies of coops. Inter­view with Prof. Yahya Madra on Tur­key, Cap­it­al­ism, and Islam.



Updates on UK elec­tions, crisis’s long-term effects, Kan­sas demon­izes the poor, and the mustard-ketchup eco­nomic war. Responses to listen­ers on child-support eco­nom­ics and car pro­duc­tion mov­ing to Mex­ico. Major dis­cus­sions: cap­it­al­ism and war — a his­tory, new stages of Cuban social­ism and US Cuba-policy, the high stakes of Greece’s eco­nomic situation.



Title: Hon­est Eco­nom­ics
“Updates on Bernanke’s new big-bucks fin­ance job, GM avoids bil­lions in vic­tims’ claims for faulty igni­tions, Seattle cap­it­al­ist raises all work­ers to min­imum $70k/yr, Amer­ic­ans’ self-delusion on inequal­ity, private profit trumps pub­lic policy, and anti-student-debt act­iv­ism. Responses to listen­ers: impact on China if capitalism’s relo­ca­tion stopped. Major dis­cus­sions of eco­nom­ics of wages and prices, nar­row­ness of eco­nom­ics edu­ca­tion, and basic global eco­nomic devel­op­ment issue.”


Title:  “The Worker Coop Alternative”
  “Updates on inad­equate unem­ploy­ment insur­ance, Ted Cruz’s cam­paign money, law giv­ing domestic work­ers real bene­fits, and demon­iz­ing the poor. Responses to ques­tions on Cali­for­nia drought and US med­ical system’s exper­i­ments on people. Inter­view with Yochai Gal on Tech­Col­lect­ives he organ­ized: two suc­cess­ful worker coops.”



Eco­nomic Change and Per­sonal Life Crises

Updates on car parts industry, Ger­man courts cut Über, Russia’s eco­nomy grows des­pite sanc­tions, no recov­ery in declin­ing teach­ing pos­i­tions for new US PhDs in human­it­ies, and huge Mex­ican strikes against Driscoll ber­ries pro­duced for US. Responses to listen­ers on (1) coun­tries’ cur­rency manip­u­la­tions and (2) role of uni­ons in work­ers’ coops. Inter­view Dr. Har­riet Fraad, men­tal health coun­sel­lor, on how capitalism’s changes since 1970s have dis­rup­ted the per­sonal lives of US men and women and cre­at­ive solutions.



Sys­tem Change: Then and Now

Updates on Trans-Pacific Part­ner­ship secrets, the Heinz-Kraft mer­ger, the overly costly, under­per­form­ing US med­ical care sys­tem, fines for Graco selling faulty child car-seats, China’s real-estate bubble, and estate tax repeal by Repub­lican House. Response to listener on prop­erty: private versus pub­lic. Major dis­cus­sion of how sys­tem change happened in the past and and how in cap­it­al­ism today.



Eco­nom­ics of Corruption”

Updates on Yel­len press conference,“Blockupy” protests in Europe against ECB and aus­ter­ity, New York mayor DiBla­sio signs bill for worker coops, and import­ant fight over clos­ing Sweet Briar col­lege. Inter­view with vet­eran reporter Bob Hen­nelly on eco­nom­ics of US polit­ical cor­rup­tion with spe­cial focus on his nat­ive New Jersey.


Hous­ing, Cit­ies, Suburbs”

Updates on pizza polit­ics, chan­ging cur­rency val­ues, and tax-cutting politi­cians’ wild claims. Responses on work­ers coops’ com­pet­it­ive­ness and on ‘unfree’ agri­cul­tural mar­kets. Inter­view Wal­ter South on eco­nom­ics of hous­ing and dan­ger­ous eco­nom­ics of US cit­ies and suburbs.


Eco­nomic Decline and Grow­ing Resistance”

Updates on taxis vs Über vs driver coops, an apo­logy on Detroit, Inter­na­tional Womens Day, and cut­ting work­ers’ com­pens­a­tion. Response to listen­ers on the eco­nom­ics of debts, past and present. Major dis­cus­sions of (1) res­ist­ing eco­nomic decline: Min­nesota gov­ernor, Emma Thompson and Pope Fran­cis, (2) Wis­con­sin gov­ernor presides over eco­nomic decline, and (3) extremes of eco­nomic inequality.


Updates on Europeans’ struggles against aus­ter­ity policies. Response to ques­tions on how work­ers’ self-directed enter­prises solve vari­ous prob­lems (espe­cially fin­an­cing and dif­fer­ent skill levels). In depth crit­ical dis­cus­sion of ‘free enter­prise’ and the free enter­prise system.


The Biggest Roll Back Of Human Rights In UK History



The new gov­ern­ment has prom­ised to scrap the Human Rights Act. It’s a huge blow not just to us here in the UK, but to every­one still fight­ing for these rights around the world.

This is one elec­tion pledge that we simply can­not allow the new gov­ern­ment to fulfill.

Tell the new Justice Sec­ret­ary Michael Gove that you won’t com­prom­ise on rights

The threat to scrap the Act and prom­ise to replace it with a Brit­ish Bill of Rights isn’t just word­play. It could allow the gov­ern­ment – and who­ever is in power in the future – to pick and choose who can access rights in this country.

We’re being told that cer­tain rights will be removed from ‘crim­in­als and ter­ror­ists’. But tak­ing rights away from any­one under­mines your rights too — a fun­da­mental prin­ciple of human rights is that they are uni­ver­sal, they apply to all humans.

It can­not be down to the whim of the politi­cians of the day to say who rights apply to and who they do not.

Show your new gov­ern­ment that the UK is no pushover on human rights

Until this elec­tion, you might have never heard of the Human Rights Act – but you’ll notice once it’s gone. It brings human rights home, enshrin­ing them in UK law. Among many other things, the Act means the gov­ern­ment, the police, local coun­cils and other pub­lic author­it­ies must respect our basic rights.

The Human Rights Act has pro­tec­ted us all for 15 years. Now, we must stand together and fight to save it.

We are per­haps best known for our work fight­ing human rights abuses in other coun­tries. But we now face the biggest roll back of human rights ever seen in the UK. We have to fight for our rights at home to make sure we can con­tinue to fight for rights abroad.


Amnesty International UK Home
Amnesty Inter­na­tional UK
Tell Michael Gove to pro­tect human rights
Take action - sign the petition
Right now, the UK is facing the biggest roll back of human rights in its his­tory. The new gov­ern­ment has pledged to scrap the law that pro­tects our rights.Their full inten­tions are likely to be out­lined in the Queen’s Speech on 27 May. We have until then to show new Justice Sec­ret­ary Michael Gove that this coun­try cares. Tell him to save the Human Rights Act.
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Shell vs. The People

The US gov­ern­ment just gave Shell the go-ahead to drill in the Arc­tic for oil, put­ting our cli­mate and the ocean’s majestic wild­life under grave risk. But five unlikely local offi­cials hold the key to the cli­mate floodgates and can stop Shell from get­ting an import­ant per­mit from the Seattle Port. Sign to call on them to make the right decision for our planet:




The US gov­ern­ment just gave giant com­pany Shell the go-ahead to drill in the pristine Arc­tic for oil, put­ting our cli­mate and the ocean’s majestic wild­life under grave risk. But there’s a way we can stop this.

Five unlikely local offi­cials hold the key to the cli­mate floodgates. Before Shell can get to the Arc­tic, they need a key per­mit from the Port of Seattle, where Shell plans to launch the mon­ster boats to the Arctic. It doesn’t look like Shell has a real backup, and the Port’s Com­mis­sion­ers are still decid­ing whether to give Shell the per­mit. That’s where we come in.

The Port of Seattle Com­mis­sion­ers are local fig­ures who are not used to being under the global spot­light. If we build a million-strong call before the Shell rig arrives this week, we can encour­age them them to make the most import­ant decision in their lives and give Shell the answer our planet’s future depends on: Drilling in the Arc­tic? Shell No! Sign now and share widely:

Drilling the Arc­tic is extremely dan­ger­ous and far too haz­ard­ous for our fra­gile cli­mate. The closest Coast Guard sta­tion is more than 1,000 miles away. If any­thing goes wrong, which Shell’s own plan says is likely, there would be lit­er­ally noth­ing any­one could do about it.

But what’s even more incred­ible is that we’re even con­sid­er­ing unlock­ing a whole new form of extreme oil that sci­ent­ists say is 100% incom­pat­ible with main­tain­ing the cli­mate that human­kind has known for our entire exist­ence. Profits for Shell or the global cli­mate — it should be an easy choice.

The momentum is build­ing — pub­lic pres­sure from envir­on­mental act­iv­ists helped encour­age Seattle’s Mayor to insist that Shell needs this new per­mit. And two of the five Port Com­mis­sion­ers look likely to side with us and the planet, mean­ing we just need one more for a major­ity. But Shell will do everything in its power to make sure noth­ing stops their drilling, and only a global out­cry can give the Port Com­mis­sion­ers the push needed to stop them. Click below to sign:

This is lit­er­ally a battle of life and death. Last week, two sci­ent­ists in the Cana­dian Arc­tic dis­ap­peared on a sci­entific mis­sion to doc­u­ment the incred­ibly fast retreat of Arc­tic ice — likely drown­ing because the very ice they went to study wasn’t thick enough to hold them, thanks to warm weather. But fueled by hope, we can help set a course for 100% Clean energy that allows human­ity to unite behind a path of mutu­ally assured pro­gress, not destruction.

With hope,

David, Mais, Emma, Mia, Andrew and the whole Avaaz team


Shell to resume Arc­tic drilling off Alaska as green groups warn of dis­aster (The Guard­ian)

U.S. Will Allow Drilling for Oil in Arc­tic Ocean (New York Times)

Frozen Future: Shell’s ongo­ing gamble in the US Arc­tic (Report, Oil Change Inter­na­tional)

Leave fossil fuels bur­ied to pre­vent cli­mate change, study urges (The Guard­ian)

Mayor: Port needs new per­mit to host Shell oil-drilling fleet (The Seattle Times)

Rais­ing Paddles in Seattle to Ward Off an Oil Giant (New York Times)



SolaRoad cycle path does better than expected!


What a concept for a pilot pro­ject. Can’t we change our roads into gigantic solar pan­els? Har­vest energy from them? Get solar elec­tri­city from them, fed into the elec­tri­city grid and used for street light­ing, traffic sys­tems, house­holds and elec­tric cars?

A public-private part­ner­ship in the Neth­er­lands has such a going on, in the form of sun­light on the road sur­faces con­ver­ted into elec­tri­city, in the form of a bike path. The pro­ject par­ti­cipants for Sol­aRoad want the world to know that this pro­ject so far is look­ing good. Sol­aRoad is in a pilot phase for a three-year period; The Asso­ci­ated Press said that this was a 3.5-million Euro project.

The first six months of the pilot phase were suc­cess­ful, accord­ing to a Sol­aRoad press release issued earlier this month. The energy yield was bey­ond their expect­a­tions. Spokes­per­son Sten de Wit said they were sur­prised to see the level of suc­cess so quickly. Case in point: “The bike road opened half a year ago and already gen­er­ated over 3,000 kWh,” he said. “If we trans­late this to an annual yield, we expect more than the 70 kWh per square meter per year, which we pre­dicted as an upper limit in the labor­at­ory stage. We can there­fore con­clude that it was a suc­cess­ful first half year.”

The engin­eers behind the bike path design had to develop a solar road that could not only have requis­ite strength but also res­ist skids. Sol­aRoad has been described as a “liv­ing lab” of about 70 meters.

SolaRoad cycle path electricity yield exceeds expectations
Credit: Sol­aRoad

The cycle path is made up of con­crete mod­ules of 2.5 by 3.5 meters. Solar cells are fit­ted and pro­tec­ted by a centimeter-thick top layer of safety glass with a trans­par­ent, skid-resistant coat­ing. The other lane does not have solar cells; it serves as a test area. said that, “While a flat solar panel is 30 per­cent less effi­cient than those at an angle or rooftop, there’s plenty of sur­face to make up for that.”

This liv­ing lab, how­ever, has hit some issues along the way. Jon Fin­gas in Engad­get wrote, “Things haven’t been going per­fectly. The coat­ing on the ’ pro­tect­ive glass tends to peel off when the weather changes, for example, sug­gest­ing that the path could be expens­ive to main­tain as-is.” (The press release said that at the end of Decem­ber 2014 and in early Spring of 2015 a small sec­tion of the coat­ing “delamin­ated.” Large tem­per­at­ure fluc­tu­ations can cause local delamin­a­tion due to shrink­age in the coat­ing, it noted. “Repairs have been made and the devel­op­ment of an improved top layer is now in an advanced stage.”) The AP report said the fluc­tu­ations caused part of it to peel off namely in early winter and early spring.

Fin­gas remarked that, as the pro­ject to last for another two and a half years, “Sol­aRoad believes that it’ll have plenty of time to iron out the kinks, and it’s con­fid­ent enough that it plans to test its tech­no­logy on small muni­cipal roads in the future.”

Sol­aRoad offi­cially opened in Novem­ber 2014. Uber­gizmo said about 150,000 cyc­lists have crossed the Sol­aRoad in the six months that it has gone live.

The AP report said SolaRoad’s public-private part­ner­ship includes the province of Noord-Holland, TNO, Ooms Civiel and Imtech.

Look­ing to the future, TNO pro­ject man­ager Wim ven der Poel said, “Using this energy to charge while they are driv­ing over the road is a beau­ti­ful dream, which might become real­ity. Sol­aRoad acts as a step towards a closed eco­sys­tem. From mobil­ity through energy back to mobil­ity – which makes the circle complete.”


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