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Listen Here: Davy Jones Politics Show : Davy Jones and Natasha Vartoukian interviews the head of the association of British commuters about the southern rail. 14.10.16

railways strikes

This week Davy Jones and Natasha Vartoukian interviews the head of the association of British commuters who are crowdfunding a lawyer to look in to this railways strikes and southern rail.



Natasha speaks to Luqman about the fight to secure rights and recognition for non-EU International Students subject to the anti-terrorism, PREVENT and immigration agenda on university campuses.

Refugee Support in Greece

This week Davy Jones interviews Bob Maddams about the work of Refugee Support in Greece and must more.


Niko Reinberg

In part two Davy Jones interviews Niko Reinberg also from ZEBRA Interkulturelles Beratungs und Therapiezentrum (based in Graz, Austria) and Ercan Oeksuek a participant on the Can Do Empowerment programme from Germany about the practical work they have been doing to help integrate refugees in Austria and Germany.



In part one of a two parter, Davy Jones interviews Iman Boujenani from the Instituto de Asuntos Culturales (ICA), (based in Madrid, Spain) and Can Do Empowerment Co-ordinator (Spain). Also, Helga Moser from ZEBRA Interkulturelles Beratungs und Therapiezentrum (based in Graz, Austria) about the week-long event being held in the UK this week of Can Do Empowerment organisers across Europe, hosted by Community Works.


Theo Simon

This Week Davy Jones and Natasha Vartoukian interviews Theo Simon who is the spokesmen of the Anti-Hinkley campaign. He also, an Green Party member and the Singer/songwriter with the band Seize The Day.


University of Massachusetts

This week Davy Jones interviews Chad McGuire from University of Massachusetts on rising sea levels and climate change.

GMB about the nursery dispute

This week Davy Jones interviews Mark Turner from the GMB about the nursery dispute


Phil smaller noback2

This week Davy Jones interviews Phil Clarke an member of the Brighton and Hove District Trades Union Council and recently voted to the executive committee of the District Labour Party, which now is suspended. They talk about the problems in the Labour Party right now and must more.


Jeremy Corbyn arriving with supporters at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, Sussex to make his first speech as leader to the Labour Party conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, Sussex.


Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the rally at Brighton’s Hilton Metropole Tues August 2nd takes our politics roundup slot for this week.

Umit Ozturk

This Week Davy Jones interviews Unit Ozturk from Euro Mediterranean Resources Network talking about the recent coup de d’etat in Turkey and must more.

Chilcot report

This week Davy Jones interviews Jo Wilding on the Chilcot report on the Iraq War that was released last week and what it all means and must more


Imani Robinson from Sisters Uncut


 Davy Jones and Natasha Vartoukian interview Imani Robinson, representative of Sisters Uncut and the Movement for Black Lives about the work of these movements, how the dialogue and impact of racism is being compounded by Brexit, and what we can all do.

Sussex Progressives

Davy Jones interviews members of the recently formed grassroots Brighton and Sussex EU campaign groups ‘Stand Together’ and ‘Sussex Progressives’ to ask them what is happening locally in response to the EU referendum – with a lot of their collaborative activism occuring outside of ‘party political’ lines.


In this special edition of Davy Jones Politics Show this is a recording of an event he attended at St Georges Church on Thursday from Sussex Defend the NHS about the creeping privatisation of the NHS.



This Week Davy Jones interviews Natasha and Ruluka about the UK deciding to leave the EU in the EU Referendum yesterday. They talk about what it means to them and what need to be done now that it’s happen and must more.


LEXIT This week Davy interviews Michael Calderbank, a Left Exit (LEXIT) supporter on the EU referendum debate. Michael is a left Labour member and on the Momentum National Council but was speaking in a personal capacity.

Was recorded on Friday 17th June but is broadcasted today and not on it normal time slot. This is due to suspend of EU Referendum campaigning on that day out of respect for Jo Cox MP who was sadly murdered on Thursday.


Mutual Aid in Sussex

This Week Davy Jones interviews Matt from Mutual Aid in Sussex about an event that MAIS is organising with the Free University of Brighton on Saturday 11 June at the Synergy Centre to promote co-operatives in the city.


This week Davy Jones interviews Polly Bentham from stopmfe – an umbrella group co-ordinating resistance to the planned fascist march in Brighton on Saturday 4th June.

LISTEN HERE Annie Pickering from Sussex Students

Davy Jones interviewes Annie Pickering from Sussex Students for Europe (and president elect of Sussex Uni students union from next month) about young people and the European Union.


CB-poster This week Davy Jones interviews Siriol Hugh Jones about the Crossing Borders Festival that will be taking place from the 18th June to the 28th June.


For more Information about the Festival click on the link below.


 Davy Jones interviews Jacob from Brighton Migrant Solidarity about the planned international day of action against migrant detention centres on Saturday 7th May:



Davy Jones interviews James Doyle, the Green Party’s candidate for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections next week on Thursday 5th May.


 This week Davy Jones Interviews Nick McMaster and Colin Miller from Brighton & Hove Compass group, they talk about what the group all about and much more.


Anti Academies Alliance

This week Davy Jones Interviews Bridget Chapman from Anti Academies Alliance about the government plans to turn schools into academies and much more.



This Week Davy Jones interviews Miriam Binder from the Disabled People against Cuts and Jack Hazelgrove from the National Pensioners Convention, They discuss the affects of the cuts on disabled people and more.

LISTEN HERE  Luqman_profile

This week Davy Jones talks to Luqman Onikosi a man who is facing deportation back to Nigeria, who also suffer from Hepatitis B.  he talks about this condition and his situation with deportation and much more.


climate change

This week in a Davy Jones special he attended a talk at the University of Sussex about Climate Change and what can be done to stop it.


refugee camp

This week Davy Jones Interviews Richard Williams from Sanctuary on Sea to discuss the refugee crisis and the knock down of the refugee camp in Calais this week and much more.


Sussex defend the NHS

This week Davy Jones Interviews Carl Walker a man with many hats from a member of the Nation Health Action Party and Sussex Defend the NHS to being a lecturer at the University of Brighton and Stand up comedian.

They discuss a survey he is conducting on the NHS and must more.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle

This week Davy Jones Interviews Lloyd Russell-Moyle the new chair of Brighton & Hove Labour Party. They discuss his politic history, to what needs to be done by Labour in the next four years, and much more.


In Davy Jones 100 episode he interviews Caroline Lucas, the member of parliament for Brighton & Hove and they discuss politics over the past two years and must more.


Green Coliunerr

This week Davy Jones Interviews Phelim MacCafferty, a Local Green Councillor talking about tax on the local government and local council budgets and must more.



This week Davy Jones interviews Dr. David Rogers, director of the Kingston University Writing School, who was born and raised in Arkansas, on his opinions of the current state of the US Elections. Joining them is guest host Iara Kaiser.

Junior-Doctors 2

This week Davy Jones interviews Sarah Kingdon from the BMA about the Junior Doctor’s dispute and what it really is about and must more.


Stop the Wars

This week Davy Jones interviews Iara Kaiser from Stop the War to talk about Stop Bombing Syria campaign and must more.


Paris climate talks

This week Davy Jones interviews Hannah Barker and Maddy Ryle about the Paris Climate Talks from talking about their experience at the talks to what the agreement means to tackling climate change, and must more.



   This week Davy Jones Interviews Lorence Eric Jensen about childcare in Brighton, and about closes of childcare schools and must more


Free Education campaign

This week Davy Jones interviews two Brighton University students about the Free Education campaign in the City and the sinister plans for making Universities more & more like businesses and restricting academic freedoms.


Climate Change

This week Davy Jones interviews Nat Chase to talk about Climate Change, and about the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris next week and will anything change about the issue must more.



Davy’s guest this week is James Mannion, also known as Trim Tab Jim and leader of band of the same name They discuss his political rock opera, the Reincarnation of Trim Tab Jim, which is being performed as a fundraiser twice on Saturday 19 December at the Old Market, Hove – 3.30pm for the Green Party and 7.30 for the Red Cross Refugee Appeal.

More information at


War on Want

This week Davy Jones interviews Mark Dearn for War on Want, they discuss the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) deal and what it is, and the effect it could have and must more.


This week Davy Jones interviews Ben Duncan a local care worker in Brighton & Hove to talk about the problems of being a care worker and the care system in general.


Brighton Climate Action Network

This week Davy Jones interviews Duncan Blinkhorn From Brighton Climate Action Network to talk about, Climate Change and the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and must more.


Greg Hadfield of the B&H Indy

This week Davy Jones interviews Greg Hadfield of the Brighton & Hove Independent and talks about council tax rises and the issue of how to stop it from rising more.




This week Davy Jones interviews Louise Purbrick & Janina Moninska from University of Brighton and talks about Art and Refuge & Resistance exhibition that starts on Friday 23 October in Brighton.

     living rent campaign


This week Davy Jones interviews David Gibson from Living Rent Campaign about government right to buy policy, rent control and must more.


This week Dave Jones interviews Trillia Fidei, an arctic activist with Greenpeace, about the recent decision of Shell to abandon drilling in the arctic.


This week Davy Jones talks to Graham Bash from ‘Labour Briefing’ about the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party Leader and what the party should do next.

Listen Here
Davy Jones talks to Jacob B from Migrant Solidarity.

This week Davy Jones’ guest is Jerry Rothwell, director of the new film ‘How to Change the World ‘ which has its premiere at the Dukes at Komedia this Wed Sept 9th


In 1971 a brave group of young activists set sail from Vancouver in an old fishing boat. Their mission: to stop Nixon’s atomic bomb tests in Amchitka, a tiny island off the west coast of Alaska.

It was from these humble but courageous beginnings that the global organisation that we now know as Greenpeace was born. Chronicling the fascinating untold story behind the modern environmental movement, this gripping new film tells the story of eco-hero Robert Hunter and how he, alongside a group of like-minded and idealistic young friends in the ’70s, would be instrumental in altering the way we now look at the world and our place within it.

More info at and


This week Davy Jones talks to Val Knight from Sussex Defend the NHS about the closure of GP surgeries in Brighton.



This week Davy talks to local B&H City Council employee Corinna Edwards – Colledge about her open letter to David Cameron about the cuts to local government.

LISTEN HERE to Davy Jones with Andy Richards from Brighton Hove and District Trades Union Council. Trades union councils consist of representatives of trade unions or branches of trade unions which meet within the area covered by that council, or which have members working or living in the area. A union branch will normally affiliate to the trades unions council in the area in which it meets. Locally BHDTUC have been vocal against austerity cuts ,the proposed anti union laws and limitation/withdrawal of the right to strike.

LISTEN HERE  to Davy Jones with Colin Miller from Brighton and Hove Compass.

B & H Compass is a new group to Brighton and Hove. Nationally they promote unity on the progressive left. They are sponsoring a public meeting on July 27th 7pm at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road where speakers include Caroline Lucas MP, Nany Platts and Neal Lawson from the national Compass. More info @

Listen here to Davy Jones with Marina Prentoulis of Greek Solidarity Campaign

Today Davy Jones discusses the latest developments in the ongoing crisis in Greece with Marina Prentoulis from the Greek Solidarity Campaign

Davy Jones with Mike Aiken from the

National Coalition of Independent



Davy and Mike Aiken from the National Coalition of Independent Action (NCIA) discuss the changing role of the voluntary sector and the increasing danger of it becoming a Trojan Horse for privatisation.

Davy Jones with Ali Ghanimi Free

University of Brighton


Davy Jones talks to Ali Ghanimi from the Free University of Brighton (FUB) about their latest projects including the launch of a FUB degree course.More information at

Davy Jones with Ken Montague

Campaign Against Climate Change


This week Davy Jones is with Ken Montague from the Campaign Against Climate Change talking about the plans in Brighton to mobilise around the Paris COP talks (and the embryonic launch of Brighton CAN (Climate Action Network).


Stop the War Conference Sat Oct 8th 10-5 Book Now!


The dismemberment of the Middle East continues apace. The US has this week launched an intense bombing campaign in the heavily-populated Libyan city of Sirte and its suburbs. This is set to be the largest Western military operation in Libya since the 2011 intervention which killed tens of thousands of people, devastated the country’s infrastructure and led to mass tortures, racist persecution and killings of Sub-Saharan African workers, and to general chaos.

The Western intervention also toppled the Gaddafi regime, only for it to be replaced by a number of factions which have been fighting a brutal civil war for the last five years. Earlier this year the US and its allies imposed a Prime Minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, who is not recognised in large parts of the country. His puppet regime has now formally invited the US to bomb the country yet again.
Western forces led by the US have recently also killed many civilians in the bombings in Syria, where they are competing for power with Russia (which is also bombing heavily populated areas). These are some of the ways in which the ‘war on terror’ continues to cause untold misery across the region and beyond.Stop the War is therefore organising an international conference which will mark fifteen years of this war and discuss how we can address the present dangers and prevent the catastrophes that lie ahead.

15 years on: Time to stop the war
An international conference
Saturday 8th October • 10 – 5pm
TUC Congress House
23-28 Great Russell St
London, WC1B 3LS

We are very pleased to announce that Tariq Ali will be joining the list of speakers, which also includes Malalai Joya, Lindsey German, Salma Yaqoob, Brian Eno, Medea Benjamin, Phyllis Bennis, Anas Altikriti, Chris Cole, Andrew Murray, Reg Keys and Mark Serwotka.

Sessions include:
Chilcot and the next steps for the movement • Armed and dangerous: Foreign policy after the US elections • The Middle East: Endless war? • Will the new Cold War turn hot? • Killing by remote control: Drones and geopolitics • The war on Muslims: Islamophobia and civil liberties

Please invite your Facebook contacts to the conference. The ticket prices are £15 standard and £10 concession.

Book your place here.


LISTEN HERE: The 31-8-16 BHESCO Show: Talking about changing weather in our climate.


This week Kayla Ente and Nat Chase discuss more on climate change and on changing weather and our global climate and must more.



This week Kayla Ente and Nat Chase discuss more on climate change and the way that we look at it and in the media as well and must more.


4221396001_4758069727001_oil-wellLISTEN HERE

This week Kayla Ente and Nat Chase discuss the impact of Brexit on Climate Change policy. For more info go to


This week Kayle Ente again interviews Nat Chase about Climate Change, Ameanal, and weather patterns and must more in part three of their eight part series on the topic.


This week Kayle Ente interviews Nat Chase about Climate Change, Facking and Fossil Fuels.

This week Kayle Ente again interviews Nat Chase about Climate Change and Arctic amplification in a eight part series on the topic.



This week Kayle Ente interviews Nat Chase about Climate Change, Facking and Fossil Fuels.

LISTEN HERE  maxresdefault

This week Kayla Ente interviews Mike Taylor from Good Money

LISTEN HERE  maxresdefault

This week Kayla Ente interviews Duncan Blinkhorn from Bike Train


On the BHESCO Show, Kayla Ente from of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Coop looks at fracking, renewable energy and must more.

winter cold

On the BHESCO Show, Kayla Ente from of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Coop looks at winter cold in renting housing and the effect of this on housing in Brighton and must more.



19th Oct – Bringing community renewable energy to Brighton & Hove – from 7pm – in Coachwerks


The next Mutual Aid in Sussex (MAIS) meeting – on Wednesday 19th October – will include the talk:Seize the Power! Bringing community renewable energy to Brighton & Hove Kayla Ente (Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op – BHESCo) and Will Cottrell (Brighton Energy Co-op) will talk about what they’ve been doing in Brighton & Hove, plans for the future, and how people can get involved.Register and more info here:

The meeting starts at 7PM, with the talk starting at 8PM. If you come to the meeting at 7PM please bring some vegan food to share.

Hopefully see some of you there!

Ed, Amy & Matt


Listen Here: R.Wolff Economics Update 07-10-16 Capital for Worker Coops


PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 25: An elderly woman watches from her front stoop as Bernie Sanders supporters are joined by other groups as they march towards FDR Park on the first day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on July 25, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The convention is expected to attract thousands of protesters, members of the media and Democratic delegates to the City of Brotherly Love.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)



Updates on strike of Harvard workers, big food capitalists, Berlin fights gentrification, collapse of US malls, pain mess for unemployed. Interview with Prof Teresa Ghilarducci expert on YS pension economics.

     Updates on US workers’ productivity rising while wages flat since 2009, US corps evading taxes, Gallup Poll on poor US job picture, wealth of  billionaires enough, if redistributed, to change global economic conditions, rising corp debt problem. Major discussions of (1) ways and means of providing capital to worker coops, and (2) why technical “progress” excites capitalists and worries workers: the problem is capitalism.

Updates on Corbyn’s victory in UK, Uber drivers unionize, state retirement systems sued for threatening pensions, hard facts about US medical insurance. Interview with Arlie Hochschild on new book Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right and why she believes “bridges” between progressives and Tea Party folks are very possible.


“Updates on top Corp leaders and top govt officials as tight partners, British wages and Brexit, Goldman Sachs. Interview Prof Michael Pelias on Long Island Univ lockout of faculty.”ranis_gc


                                              LISTEN HERE

“Updates on declining US incomes, parental leave policies, rising medical deductibles, social security dependence, officials who take big, corp jobs. Interview with Peter Ranis author of Cooperatives Against Capitalism.”


                                     LISTEN HERE

Updates on dark money, Mylan drug scandal, air lines concentrating, capitalism and poor countries (India, China). On Labor Day: key facts, struggles, and issues.





                                                   LISTEN HERE

 “Capitalism’s Craziness”
 “Updates on universities, politicians, and grad student unions, Bill Gates obscene wealth, Harley-Davidson’ illegal pollution and more. Analyses of capitalism’s craziness: insufficient demand, unemployment’s wastes, state subsidies for all systems.”

                                              LISTEN HERE

 “The System Exposed” “Updates on Olympic economics, mass transit, productivity truths, labor weakness and political parties, golden parachutes, Tim Cook’s thin ‘patriotism,” PG&E’s crimes, the rich vs unions in politics.”




                                                 LISTEN HERE

Updates on Macy’s closing 141 stores, Clinton campaign economics, age and pensions, corruptions of think tanks. Detailed economics of worker coops




                                                     LISTEN HERE

 “Updates on India’s inequality, Philly’s poverty behind DNC front, new initiatives from unions, Starbuck’s profiteering, gutting federal estate tax. Interview with Adam Hochschild on econ crisis, fascism, Spain’s civil war.”

Republican strategist Karl Rove gestures while at a luncheon at the California Republican Party convention,  in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Rove told California Republicans to "get off the mat", and to find candidates to reflect the party's diversity. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Updates on platform contradictions, the VW scandal, CEOs pay explosion, Italian banks crisis, scary US auto loans. Major discussions: economics of lotteries, when profit decides who gets mortgages, and why 21st century socialism makes worker cooperatives the basic production institution
Protestor Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 9, 2016.  REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

Protestor Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 9, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

                                               LISTEN HERE
 “Leaders” exposed by crises: Johnson in UK, Dimon in US. Stagnant incomes for most. Interview with Rob Robinson on conditions and prospects of African-Americans.
                                                  LISTEN HERE
Updates on minimum wage raises, economics of prisons, evidence that notions of “economic recovery” are myths for most of world. Interview with Dr Harriet Fraad on why Orlando’s tragic shooting happened
                                                                                 LISTEN HERE
                                                                               What Brexit Means
Updates on new Puerto Rico deal, French street battles, German leaders’ need humility, fake Cleveland revitalization, selling out national parks. Major analysis of Brexit in changing world economy.
                                             “Small Victories, Big Lessons”
 “Updates on victories (1) over US sugar industry and (2) in reducing Sweden’s 40-hour workweek to 30 hours with no pay cut. Major analyses of jobs moving south, legal fight over tax exemption for religions, corporate bailouts in Michigan, excess Corp borrowing, and capitalist technology serving profits not people.”
Economic Change: Why and How”

“Updates on CEO pay, new book on inequality, US estate and inheritance taxes. Interview with Alan Schulman, coordinator Democracy at Work New York City.”

Updates on new book “Coming of Age in the Other America,” new research shows superiority of worker coops over capitalist enterprises, negative results of profit-driven enterprises, “America” replaces Budweiser. Interview with Betsy Avila, digital organizer of local groups for social change.

                                                     LISTEN HERE
 “Updates on fossil-fuel divestment, Zika virus economics, product recalls , and payday loan scandal. Interview with environmentalist lawyer/activist Carol Dansereau.”
                                                LISTEN HERE
                                           “Listen, Prof. Krugman”
Updates on car companies buying ride-share companies, Pope’s latest, evidence against Prof. Krugman’s rosy view of inequality. Major discussions of (1) why markets need not undermine worker-coop based economy and (2) European leaders’ failed policies on Greece.
                                                    Listen here
 “Updates on Alabama convicts strike against slavery, Greece’s victimization, TTIP exposed, and taxing Yale. Interview with Joan Berezin and Kip Waldo on revolutionary change.”
 “False Econ Recovery, True Journalism”
Updates on “carry interest tax loophole,” Miami’s Marlin Park and state subsidies for business, negative interest rates, and banks’ “bail-in” versus “bail-out.” Interview reporter Bob Hennelly about false economic recovery, dissolving society, and real journalism.

 “False Econ Recovery, True Journalism”
 Updates on “carry interest tax loophole,” Miami’s Marlin Park and state subsidies for business, negative interest rates, and banks’ “bail-in” versus “bail-out.” Interview reporter Bob Hennelly about false economic recovery, dissolving society, and real journalism.
Updates on IMF, Panama Papers and tax evasion, workers fighting back. Major discussions of economics of prisons and sugar babies and of how worker coops might have changed the USSR and China.
 Updates on tax issues: Panama Papers, corp tax rates, tax-avoiding “inversions” and Yale’s tax avoidance. Part 2 of interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad: capitalist efficiency produces human inefficiency and what to do about it.
 “Updates on China’s rising wages, lethal overdoses and economic crisis, courts worsen Puerto Rico’s crisis, moving jobs to Mexico, and Florida governor tries to help Yale evade taxes. Major discussions of minimum wage debates, workers without college degrees, and workers coops as key to doing better than capitalism.”
“Updates on top bankers’ pay, bad auto corps’ decisions, deflation, and socialist economics. Interview with Dr Harriet Fraad on capitalism and personal life.”
Updates on Europe’s new econ stimulus, French workers rally for job security, US airlines’ rip-off fees. Response to question about govt blame for economic crisis since 2008. Major discussions on what capitalist profit is and on the basic economics of our political party system
 “Updates on injustice of Argentina’s default settlement, on Pope Francis’s rejection of “exploiters,” and on stagnating real median incomes in US. Major discussions of (1) what Sanders’s support proves about Occupy Wall Street, and (2) economics of fascism.”
“Updates on Citibank calls “Recession” for 2016, Robert Gordon’s new book “Rise and Fall of American growth, college students to Europe for free educations, drug and food companies profit at public’s expense, economics of presidential candidates, pension struggles heat up, and why China’s slowdown due to US/Euro/Japan economies. Major discussions of (1) US unemployment and (why profit motive yields economic decisions so often good for profits but bad for society.”
“Updates on Bloomberg’s money, negative interest rates, the oil market, Puerto Rico’s cruel sales tax, Fed Reserve governor supports breaking up banks ‘too big to fail,’ and Apple borrows despite its huge cash hoard. Response to listeners: converting capitalist into worker coop type enterprises. Major discussion: three alternative responses to the huge problems of capitalism today.”
“Updates on China achieves economic superpower status, profit produces drug scarcities, Ireland’s unjust austerity, millionaire tax in Massachusetts. Major discussions of self-destructive cut-backs in public higher education and the chaos of the monetary system (banks, Fed Reserve, etc.).”
“Lessons About and From Socialism”
 “Updates on the economic significance of Sanders’ Iowa vote, Keynes on risks of revolution against capitalism, costs of oil market collapse. Interview with author Pete Dolack on lessons for today of past experiments in socialism.”
“Capitalism’s Results”
Updates on Obama on/in Detroit, Walmart closing stores, Santa Fe and public banking, food-makers’ profits vs people’s health. Major discussion of Oxfam and IECD reports on world poverty and inequality.

“Fighting Rightist Economics”

“Updates on worker actions by UK’s “junior doctors” and Detroit teachers, Flint’s poisoned water, Supreme Court struggle. More on US govt subsidy of religion. Interview on worker coops with Michael Johnson author of new book.”

“What Capitalism Is”

Updates on Obamacare scandal, bank errors threaten depositors, public pension looting, subsidizing religion. Major discussion of old vs new meanings of capitalism as an economic system.

“Economic Lessons from 2015″

Updates on FED’s interest rate hike, Peter Drucker on “like a business,” gun business, and oil economics. Response to question on whether it is China that is slowing the world economy. Major discussion of Greek and Spanish austerity politics and how major oil, banking and auto corporations proved why we can and must do better than capitalism.


“Transcending Capitalism”

Updates on denying bailout for Puerto Rico and gross wealth inequality in US and Wisconsin. Response to listeners on guns and the capitalist profit motive. Interview with Prof. Cathy Mulder on transcending capitalism via worker cooperatives.

“Austerity’s Social Costs”

Updates on Portugal joins Greece against austerity, US austerity especially in Puerto Rico and Illinois, useless laws for banks, words not action in Paris. Major discussions of Thanksgiving economics, Germany and refugees, France and terrorism, US airlines cheat for profits.

“Why Whites in Trouble”
 Updates on economics of immigration, economic alarmists, Ireland as tax haven. Response to listeners on role and place for small business in worker-coop based economy. Interview with Dr Harriet Fraad on crisis for middle-aged whites in US today.
 “Big vs Small Business”
Updates on Japan’s Recession, half of New York City economically in trouble, ACA deductibles undermine affordability, Million student March, another crooked capitalist. Response to listeners on private vs public enterprises. Major topics: small vs big business and big ideas not being discussed in campaigns.


“Economic Power Struggles”

This show from the US includes updates on Greek and Portuguese austerity struggles, obesity and Coca Cola, importance of U of Missouri, JC Penney’s fake sales, and Macy’s urgent sales. Response to listeners on politics, economics of TPP. Major discussions of (1) upcoming FED decision on interest rates and (2) economic causes of gentrified US cities.


How Capitalism Works

Updates on capitalism vs higher education, real costs of apps, how other half banks. In depth analyses of projected economic downturn in 2016, capitalist inequality and housing changes, and how capitalism affects sports.


Teaching High School Economics

Updates on Obama harshness re student debt, how much corps and rich abuse tax havens, MIT rejects fossil-fuel divestment, profit over safety at tylenol company. Response to listener on where US economy headed now. Interview life-long high school teacher Alan Schulman on teaching economics after the 2008 crisis: problems and prospects.


Capitalism vs Democratic Socialism

Richard Wolff updates us on monster merger in beer, buying the US presidency, homeless in Hawaii, Canada’s election results. Response to listener’s question on relation of individualism to capitalism and socialism. Major discussion of history of socialism vs capitalism with focus on specific place of democratic socialism.


Coops vs capitalism

Saving capitalism, looming economic downturn, Berlin 250,000 against TTIP, US plan to give Puerto Rican taxes to banks. Response to question on planning. Interview: Laura Flanders, independent journalist on coops vs capitalism.


Capitalism’s Crimes

Updates on Planned Parenthood, Irish and French unions’ initiatives. Responses to questions on the VW scandal and the TPP deals. In depth update and analysis of the ongoing Crisis in Greece with Prof. Harry Konstantinides.


Meanings of Class

This programme includes
updates on the Swedish plan for a peaceful transition beyond capitalism, ripoffs in car insurance, Ferguson, MO credit downgrade. Also there is response to listeners on the CA drought and on the best solution for corporate abuses like VW’s. Then a major discussion of (1) what class means and what is at stake in different meanings, and (2) guaranteed income vs guaranteed jobs.”


Puerto Rico as US’s Greece

Updates on new Detroit book, Mayor’s austerity policy in Chicago, homeless school children, soaring medical insurance deductibles. Responses to listeners on VW scandal and Pope’s statements on economics. Interview with Prof. Ian Seda-Irizarry on current crisis in Puerto Rico.


This week’s show from the US includes updates on GM settlement, Census Bureau proves no recovery for 90%, GE moves jobs overseas; responses to listeners on FED agonies over interest rates and how capitalism mishandles unemployment. Major discussion of WSDEs and capitalist corporations.


Sussex Defend the NHS: Uproar at Council Committee as Ambulance Worker Refused Hearing 21 SEPT

NHS Demonstration Hove

Uproar at Council committee as Ambulance Worker refused hearing
An ambulance driver’s request to speak on the 21st of September’s Health & Wellbeing Board routine meeting at Hove Town Hall yesterday was suspended amid scenes of chaos and confrontation between a packed public gallery and councillors.
Earlier there had been a sizeable demonstration outside the building. A petition of nearly 2000 signatures had been submitted against the sell-off of Children’s Services and the public gallery was full, including health workers, campaigners, student nurses and members of the ambulance service.
One of those attending described the scene as the Chair Councillor Daniel Yates refused the ambulance driver permission to speak in a discussion about the collapse of yet another sub-contractor in the Patient Transport Service which is directly affecting drivers.
‘ The Public gallery was packed.  The strength of feeling was considerable. The Chair suspended the meeting, there was a sit-in and the public were threatened with the police being called. This happened because an ambulance driver asked to be allowed to speak.
As you will know, ambulance drivers had been working for no pay for six weeks. Even though taxpayers are paying for their salaries. This is because the sub-contracted private company who took over the Patient Transport Service went bust two weeks ago and refused to pay the drivers’ back pay. The drivers are concerned for the health and safety and well being of the people in Brighton who depend on the PTS service to get them to their hospital appointments, eg dialysis. Therefore the drivers are working for no pay.
The Chair of the HWB told the Meeting that we should be having whip-rounds to pay them – even though it is the action of the Health & Wellbeing Board which resulted in the PTS being taken away from the NHS and put into private hands. And even though tax payers have already given the money to pay them. Presumably, this money is now in the hands of the subcontracted company which took over the service. In addition, taxis are being hired by the managing CCG in order to ferry the most urgent cases to hospital. This is an appalling waste of taxpayers’ money and an appallingly broken system.
The Patient Transport Service should be returned to the NHS who had been doing it so well with highly trained dedicated and unbelievably hard working staff. These private companies put in low bids for services, their bids are accepted by cash-strapped councils starved of funds by a government determined to destroy the NHS in favour of pouring public funds into private companies which then go bust, as part of devious tax avoidance schemes. Our future is not safe in the hands of systems like these.
If Children’s Service are outsourced to the private bidder, VirginCare, and taken away from the amazing NHS staff who have been loyally doing the jobs for years, I tremble to think what will happen to the health and safety of our children and grandchildren.’
Addressing press and media, she added, ‘ They should be spreading the truth of what is happening in their reports. This whole activity is being done secretly. I was with a large group of young mothers in the Toddlers’ Club in the Open Market yesterday and not one of them had even heard that Children’s Services are being outsourced. That’s outrageous’
For further information contact Katrina Miller SDNHS mob 0775 238 0093 and Maude Casey mob 07816 152 381

Listen here Shimmy to Kimmy 22-9-16


Uplifting dance house classics to get you in the funky weekend vibe


Listen here: Interns discuss Brexit and the future

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Camilla and Luca our interns from Denmark and Italy have got together to discuss Brexit and find out how local people see the future and the implications for Britain from a social and cultural perspective.



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Kids’ concerts in Brighton Early Music Festival OCT1 NOV12


Sat 1 Oct, 10.30am, Brighton Friends’ Meeting House, BN1 1AF


Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

with members of the OAE

A 45 minute concert ideal for 2-5 year olds but younger children also welcome (must be accompanied by an adult).

Prepare for an exciting journey around baroque Europe, and meet the instruments that live there – get up close with the wise old double bass, the fun-loving oboe and the troublesome horns.

Join players from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment for these interactive concerts and be ready to clap, sing and bounce your way through the 17th century.


Parents who also have older children may be interested in our other concert, which presents an exciting blend of live recorder music, puppetry and storytelling with themes of magic, history and science. This is aimed at 7-11 year olds, although some younger children may also enjoy it. There will be a single performance at 11.30 am on Saturday 12th November, also at the Friends’ Meeting House.


The Brighton Left Radio Show: Brexit Special


The journalists at Brighton Left attempt to pick apart the cataclysm that is Brexit, why it happened and what it means for you, the world and socialism in general.

Part 1: Listen Here

Part 2: Listen Here


Listen Here: Our friends on Work Exp make radio show, song and present: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy




Missed the last recording?. Fear not a new work experience team has given us a brand new update of the Hitchhikers guide of the galaxy. To see which bit of the universe you have missed,  Listen Here.

If you enjoyed that their other recordings can be found Here


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Listen Here

A team from Longhill School presenty their adaptation of Douglas Adams Sci-Fi classic and nerd bible The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy. Ever wondered the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything?, well sit back and prepare to be taken upon this wild ride.

Enjoyed that?, well feel free to listen to their other recent work here


LISTEN HERE: Talking Possabilities discuss Welfare Reform and the effect it has on disabled people

Walfare reform

The Fed has changed its name to Possability People.  Our radio show is now called Talking Possibilities. This week they discuss Welfare reform and the effect it has on disabled people.




“Talking Possabilities”, formerly Fed radio, discuss Accessible Volunteering in our city.

Talking Possabilities

The Get Involved Group (GIG) is Possability People’s (formerly the Fed) engagement project, which aims to represent the views of people with a lived experience of disability, impairment, physical or mental health issues.  Carers, personal assistants, families and friends are also welcome.

The group meets every six weeks and holds consultation meetings, invites speakers, discusses issues and suggests solutions. The group keeps in touch with its members via email, telephone and post and there is a monthly news round-up. GIG is a platform for disabled people to bring about real change in our city.

If you would like to attend  meetings, find out more about the project or be added to the mailing list,  please contact(01273) 208934 or email

Previous Show : ‘Access to the Streets’

Disabled Access in the StreetsLISTEN HERE

In this edition of the show, the disability engagement group the Get Involved Group (GIG) look at disabled access to the streets of Brighton and Hove.

The Get Involved Group (GIG) is Possability People’s (formerly the Fed) engagement project, which aims to represent the views of people with a lived experience of disability, impairment, physical or mental health issues.  Carers, personal assistants, families and friends are also welcome.

The group meets every six weeks and holds consultation meetings, invites speakers, discusses issues and suggests solutions. The group keeps in touch with its members via email, telephone and post and there is a monthly news round-up. GIG is a platform for disabled people to bring about real change in our city.

If you would like to attend  meetings, find out more about the project or be added to the mailing list,  please contact(01273) 208934 or email


disability in sport

In this edition of the show, they look at disability sport, where it happens, and what else could be done to engage disabled people in sport..

LISTEN HERE    Fair Commision

In this edition of the show, they look at the Fairness Commission , what it does and what it means for disabled people in Brighton and Hove.


In this edition of the show, they look at the accessibility for disabled people of pubic transport and what is being done to make it happen in Brighton and Hove.



Listen here: Brighton Uni Drama Society A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Followinbg a series of interviews with the cast (below) we were very ecxited to be invited along to record the final production of Midsummer Night’s at the Brighthelm Centre on May 27th. We absolutely loved it – full of highly accomplished performances, lovely sets and very beautiful music. Well done and thanks to everyone involved.


Fourth interview with the cast. Good luck next week guys with the performances from all your friends at Radio Free Brighton!


The Brighton University Drama Society are performing William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as part of the Brighton Fringe.

In week 3 of the ongoing cast interviews, Oberon (Rob) interviews Helena (played by Cat Bass), Puck (played by Oscar Stafford), Snug The Joiner (played by Morgan Dawe) and Moth (played by Veronica Liptrot).

The group chat about the challenges of acting as part of a group as opposed to alone, favourite Shakespeare plays, the nature of fairies and whether it would be better to have a donkey head or for a donkey to have your head for a day. With just over two weeks left, excitement from the cast is at an all time high!

Details for the play can be found here:
Buy your tickets here:

Also, follow BUDS across social media:
Twitter – @btonunidrama
Instagram – @buds_brighton_drama
Facebook –


Listen here: Prof Ian Cunningham SMLC on School Testing

IMGian cunningham_0461

Prof Ian Cunningham from the Self Managed Learning College in Brighton talks about education school testing and better ways to support children in learning for a good life



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