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Sunday Lunchtime Lecture 12 noon : Freya Lyte Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

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First part of two radio shows on a big cam­paign pri­or­ity for the Brighton Amnesty group at the moment: women’s rights in Afgh­anistan. Made by Amnesty mem­ber and post grad stu­dent Freya Lyte the show includes dif­fer­ent inter­views, some music and poetry. 

Second part next Sunday same time
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Afgh­anistan, Iraq, Liby


There will The Anti­war Mass Assembly on Sat­urday con­tin­ues to attract high
pro­file pledges, the latest from Noam Chom­sky and oth­ers who have
issued the fol­low­ing statement:

After 10 years of war in Afgh­anistan, more than 100,000 Nato
troops remain and tens of thou­sands have died. Gov­ern­ment claims
that the war is con­trib­ut­ing to Britain’s sta­bil­ity look
increas­ingly hol­low. Opin­ion polls sug­gest the major­ity of
Bri­tons want a speedy with­drawal of Brit­ish troops, a view
recently endorsed by the trade uni­ons. Politi­cians have to get in
step with pub­lic opin­ion and announce a date to bring troops
home. We will be attend­ing the mass anti-war assembly this
Sat­urday 8 Octo­ber in Tra­fal­gar Square. We urge you to join us.also be an Anti-war mass assembly in London

Sat­urday 8th Octo­ber
Tra­fal­gar Square, London

Phone 07763 773450 for fur­ther info and local trans­port details.


The Anti­war Assembly on Octo­ber 8 will be a mem­or­able day

Many thanks to every­one who signed the pledge to join the Anti­war Mass Assembly in Tra­fal­gar Square. Thou­sands have pledged and there is a steady stream of new sig­nat­or­ies. Thou­sands more who have not pledged will be there. Trans­port is being organ­ised across the coun­try to bring pro­test­ers from out­side Lon­don (see http://bit.ly/oM17x9)

Recent pledges

Julian Assange from Wikileaks is among the latest to sign the pledge — he will be speak­ing on the day — and we’ve just got con­firm­a­tion that the remark­able 106-year-old Hetty Bower will be there too (see this video and you will know why: http://bit.ly/mWvU9e). Watch out for more announce­ments in the next few days.


The ini­tial pro­gramme for the day has been pub­lished here: http://bit.ly/poSQPd. A full timetable will be avail­able soon, with details about the musi­cians, writers, artists, MPs, film­makers, act­ors, trade union lead­ers and act­iv­ists who will be per­form­ing or speak­ing on the day.

Spread the word

Please, in the few days left before 8 Octo­ber, do all you can to pub­li­cise the Anti­war Assembly, among your fam­ily, neigh­bours, work col­leagues, fel­low stu­dents, com­munity or faith group etc. Encour­age every­one to sign the pledge here: http://www.antiwarassembly.org/

Please Donate

We have launched a fin­an­cial appeal to help us fund 8 Octo­ber and have had a tre­mend­ous response so far, reach­ing nearly half of our tar­get to raise £10,000 to cover the costs of Tra­fal­gar Square, two stages, pro­jec­tion screens, sound sys­tems and a mar­quee, as well as the expendit­ure on pub­li­cising the event through leaf­lets, posters etc. If you haven’t already done so, please con­sider mak­ing a con­tri­bu­tion. We rely entirely on the dona­tions of our sup­port­ers to fund our activ­it­ies. You can make a dona­tion online, by phone or by post. See:: http://bit.ly/n0eEh2

Why you can make a difference

The war in Afgh­anistan is a dis­aster, with the latest fig­ures show­ing an increase of viol­ence by 39% in 2011 com­pared to last year. Most people in Bri­tain oppose the government’s war policies, and not least the spend­ing of bil­lions of pounds attack­ing other people’s coun­tries at a time of huge cuts in pub­lic ser­vices. The gov­ern­ment is bank­ing on this wide­spread oppos­i­tion not being vis­able or act­ive. On Sat­urday we will give voice to the anti-war major­ity in this coun­try, as part of the con­tinu­ing fight to make it polit­ic­ally impossible for the gov­ern­ment to wage wars which are both unjus­ti­fied and immoral. See you there!


Call 020 7801 2768


10 reas­ons to join the Anti War mass assembly

1. We were told the war was won at the end of 2001, but today the fight­ing, casu­lties and air strikes are all worse than ever.
2. Record num­bers of Nato troops, includ­ing 100,000 Amer­ic­ans, have not brought secur­ity, but ever rising levels of death and destruc­tion.
3. There are three times as many air strikes on Afgh­anistan today com­pared to a year ago.
4. The war was launched to cap­ture Osama Bin Laden — ‘wanted dead of alive’. He is now dead but the war con­tin­ues.
5. Life expect­ancy in Afgh­anistan is 43, the low­est in the world.
6. Afgh­anistan is one of the worst places in the world to be a woman.
7. Mil­lions of Afghans have become refugees as a res­ult of the war.
8. The war in Afgh­anistan is cost­ing £5 bil­lion a year, at the same time wel­fare spend­ing, hous­ing and pen­sions are under attack.
9. Politi­cians talk of with­drawal, bu8t have no cred­ible exit strategy.
10. Par­lia­ment is ignor­ing pub­lic opin­ion, which opposes the war. A mass turn out in Tra­fal­gar Square on 8 Octo­ber will send a mes­sage to MPs and gov­ern­ment, that it’s time to go.


For more on this Listen to our latest Act­iv­ists Corner epis­ode on Mix Cloud:



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