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Listen Here :Even If We Lose Our Lives Scripted by Christine Bacon

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Even If We Lose Our Lives

‘I don’t really understand why we were targeted, because I was not doing anything controversial. I was simply helping women, saving their lives.’

This script, a collaboration with Amnesty UK, is intended as a resource to support Amnesty’s ongoing campaign to end violence against women in Afghanistan. Afghan women are too often portrayed as faceless, passive victims who are powerless to change the grave human rights abuses they are regularly affected by. But this ignores the countless Afghan women who are fearlessly working to promote women’s rights and support their communities.

The script is drawn from in-depth interviews with three Afghan women fighting for peace and protection for women’s rights in their conflict-affected country.

It was launched at Amnesty International (UK) on 28 February 2014, and is now available to interested groups wishing to stage their own reading of the play.

Here is a Play Reading by Brighton and Hove Amnesty Group


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Listen Here Recording of Public meeting: NO GLORY IN WAR 17th May

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*Who bene­fits from war?*
1914 The arms man­u­fac­tur­ers thrived at the cost of ordin­ary peoples’ lives.
2014 The arms man­u­fac­tur­ers thrive at the cost of ordin­ary peoples’ lives.
1914 Which people tried to stop the war? What means of protest did they use?
2014 What are people doing now? 100 years later — to stop the arms trade –
to stop war? To stop the bankers prof­it­eer­ing from war?
.Chair:.Green Coun­cil­lor Phelim Mac Caf­ferty
Green Par­lia­ment­ary Can­did­ate for Brighton Kemp­town Davy Jones
Lind­sey Ger­man — organ­iser of the mil­lion per­son march against the war on
Han­nah Hills — expert on the Arms Trade
Naomi Foyle — spoken word artist

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Sunday Lunchtime Lecture 12 noon : Freya Lyte Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

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First part of two radio shows on a big campaign priority for the Brighton Amnesty group at the moment: women’s rights in Afghanistan. Made by Amnesty member and post grad student Freya Lyte the show includes different interviews, some music and poetry. 

Second part next Sunday same time
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Afghanistan, Iraq, Liby


There will The Antiwar Mass Assembly on Saturday continues to attract high
profile pledges, the latest from Noam Chomsky and others who have
issued the following statement:

After 10 years of war in Afghanistan, more than 100,000 Nato
troops remain and tens of thousands have died. Government claims
that the war is contributing to Britain’s stability look
increasingly hollow. Opinion polls suggest the majority of
Britons want a speedy withdrawal of British troops, a view
recently endorsed by the trade unions. Politicians have to get in
step with public opinion and announce a date to bring troops
home. We will be attending the mass anti-war assembly this
Saturday 8 October in Trafalgar Square. We urge you to join us.also be an Anti-war mass assembly in London

Saturday 8th October
Trafalgar Square, London

Phone 07763 773450 for further info and local transport details.


The Antiwar Assembly on October 8 will be a memorable day

Many thanks to everyone who signed the pledge to join the Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square. Thousands have pledged and there is a steady stream of new signatories. Thousands more who have not pledged will be there. Transport is being organised across the country to bring protesters from outside London (see http://bit.ly/oM17x9)

Recent pledges

Julian Assange from Wikileaks is among the latest to sign the pledge – he will be speaking on the day – and we’ve just got confirmation that the remarkable 106-year-old Hetty Bower will be there too (see this video and you will know why: http://bit.ly/mWvU9e). Watch out for more announcements in the next few days.


The initial programme for the day has been published here: http://bit.ly/poSQPd. A full timetable will be available soon, with details about the musicians, writers, artists, MPs, filmmakers, actors, trade union leaders and activists who will be performing or speaking on the day.

Spread the word

Please, in the few days left before 8 October, do all you can to publicise the Antiwar Assembly, among your family, neighbours, work colleagues, fellow students, community or faith group etc. Encourage everyone to sign the pledge here: http://www.antiwarassembly.org/

Please Donate

We have launched a financial appeal to help us fund 8 October and have had a tremendous response so far, reaching nearly half of our target to raise £10,000 to cover the costs of Trafalgar Square, two stages, projection screens, sound systems and a marquee, as well as the expenditure on publicising the event through leaflets, posters etc. If you haven’t already done so, please consider making a contribution. We rely entirely on the donations of our supporters to fund our activities. You can make a donation online, by phone or by post. See:: http://bit.ly/n0eEh2

Why you can make a difference

The war in Afghanistan is a disaster, with the latest figures showing an increase of violence by 39% in 2011 compared to last year. Most people in Britain oppose the government’s war policies, and not least the spending of billions of pounds attacking other people’s countries at a time of huge cuts in public services. The government is banking on this widespread opposition not being visable or active. On Saturday we will give voice to the anti-war majority in this country, as part of the continuing fight to make it politically impossible for the government to wage wars which are both unjustified and immoral. See you there!


Call 020 7801 2768


10 reasons to join the Anti War mass assembly

1. We were told the war was won at the end of 2001, but today the fighting, casulties and air strikes are all worse than ever.
2. Record numbers of Nato troops, including 100,000 Americans, have not brought security, but ever rising levels of death and destruction.
3. There are three times as many air strikes on Afghanistan today compared to a year ago.
4. The war was launched to capture Osama Bin Laden – ‘wanted dead of alive’. He is now dead but the war continues.
5. Life expectancy in Afghanistan is 43, the lowest in the world.
6. Afghanistan is one of the worst places in the world to be a woman.
7. Millions of Afghans have become refugees as a result of the war.
8. The war in Afghanistan is costing £5 billion a year, at the same time welfare spending, housing and pensions are under attack.
9. Politicians talk of withdrawal, bu8t have no credible exit strategy.
10. Parliament is ignoring public opinion, which opposes the war. A mass turn out in Trafalgar Square on 8 October will send a message to MPs and government, that it’s time to go.


For more on this Listen to our latest Activists Corner episode on Mix Cloud:



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