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Stop Illegal Battery Cages in the UK!

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Uncategorized

The good news is, this year the European Union offi­cially banned the use of bat­tery cages in egg pro­du­cing farms. The bad news is, 30 Brit­ish egg pro­du­cers were found to still be using these cages illeg­ally. The mis­treat­ment of these hens are not only inhu­mane, but illegal now. This beha­vior needs to be put to a stop.»
Bat­tery cages are cramped and do not allow for the anim­als to sep­ar­ate from the flock to lay eggs, which causes the birds to become distressed.
Even some big name com­pan­ies such as IHOP and Bur­ger King have recog­nized the harm­ful liv­ing con­di­tions that bat­tery cages effect on liv­ing anim­als, and have announced that they will gradu­ally switch to using cage-free eggs and pork.
Tell the Brit­ish Egg Industry Coun­cil to get with the pro­gram and stop sub­ject­ing their hens to unne­ces­sary suf­fer­ing. Remind them that they are viol­at­ing the law and are answer­able to legal action.»
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