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Stop Illegal Battery Cages in the UK!

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Uncategorized

The good news is, this year the European Union officially banned the use of battery cages in egg producing farms. The bad news is, 30 British egg producers were found to still be using these cages illegally. The mistreatment of these hens are not only inhumane, but illegal now. This behavior needs to be put to a stop.»
Battery cages are cramped and do not allow for the animals to separate from the flock to lay eggs, which causes the birds to become distressed.
Even some big name companies such as IHOP and Burger King have recognized the harmful living conditions that battery cages effect on living animals, and have announced that they will gradually switch to using cage-free eggs and pork.
Tell the British Egg Industry Council to get with the program and stop subjecting their hens to unnecessary suffering. Remind them that they are violating the law and are answerable to legal action.»
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