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Balcombe Fracking Meeting — Weds 11th Jan 2012, 7.30pm — 10.30pm

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Bal­combe Frack­ing Meet­ing — Weds 11th Jan 2012, 7.30pm — 10.30pm

Vic­tory Hall
Stock­croft Rd
West Sus­sex


A Talk, film screen­ing and pub­lic meet­ing to raise aware­ness of and dis­cuss the planned shale gas drilling and hydraulic frac­tur­ing (frack­ing) site at Lower Stumble, 1 mile from Bal­combe Village.

Will you allow earth­quakes to be triggered in Sus­sex and our aquifers to be irre­vers­ibly contaminated?

Con­tro­ver­sial gas com­pany Cuad­rilla has admit­ted that its Hydraulic Frac­tur­ing (frack­ing) pro­cess has already caused earth­quakes in Lancashire.

Cuad­rilla now has plan­ning per­mis­sion to drill & frack just out­side Bal­combe in West Sus­sex, 5 miles from Hay­wards Heath. Found­a­tions have already been laid for a rig. Drilling could start any day.

Frack­ing in the US, South Africa and Aus­tralia has caused ser­i­ous water and air pol­lu­tion – to the extent that some US house­holds are able to set their tap water on fire. Aquifer deple­tion and increased heavy lorry traffic are among many other issues.

If we don’t col­lect­ively learn from the irre­vers­ible havoc already wrought else­where, then this eco­cidal, sui­cidal insan­ity is head­ing for EVERYBODY’S door­step .. threat­en­ing IRREVERSIBLY, our fields, our water, our air and our seis­mic security.

We have the ample bene­fit of America’s hind­sight. We must use that to our advant­age, raise aware­ness, chal­lenge and stop it BEFORE it takes hold.

France has already declared a morator­ium on hydraulic frac­tur­ing and there are calls for the same in the UK. Plan­ning has been denied in the Vale of Glam­or­gan (mainly because of local out­rage) but many other sites are planned UK wide includ­ing in the Mendips and in Kent.

We are a group of local people who will not stand for this appallingly irre­spons­ible pol­lu­tion of our fields, our air, or our water.

Come to Vic­tory Hall, Bal­combe on 11 Janu­ary, at 7.30pm. for a Talk, film screen­ing and pub­lic discussion/meeting.

And visit their web­site here for inform­a­tion on other events.

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Institute of Physics talk 18 October 2011, 7–8 Pm (FREE)

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The next Insti­tute of Phys­ics South Cent­ral Branch (Brighton Area) lec­ture is:

 Why string the­ory and why not: can we con­struct a the­ory of everything?

 Speaker: Pro­fessor David Bailin (Uni­ver­sity of Sussex)

Date: Tues­day 18 Octo­ber
Time: 7pm-8pm

Loc­a­tion: Chichester I lec­ture theatre, Uni­ver­sity of Sussex

Dir­ec­tions to the venue: www.sussex.ac.uk/findus

 Every­one is wel­come and admis­sion to the lec­ture is free. There is no need to book.

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