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United Nation Association: Events and Recordings

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Ros Cook repor­ted on her attend­ance at the Nuc­lear Non-Proliferation Review as part of the CND del­eg­a­tion, held in New York dur­ing April-May 2015.



Sat­urday 23rd May. Fran­cis Clark-Lowes. Islamic State, Bad or Mad?The dis­cus­sion in the media about Islamic State (IS, ISIS or ISIL) is dom­in­ated by such con­cepts as reli­gious per­ver­sion, extrem­ism, rad­ic­al­isa­tion, brain-washing, evil and mad­ness. Only in such terms, is the implic­a­tion, can the phe­nomenon of IS be explained. Could, and should, the United Nations play a role in pro­mot­ing a more intel­li­gent dia­logue between the West and IS, or indeed between the West and Muslims generally?



The United Nations Asso­ci­ation held an Elec­tion Hust­ings with par­lia­ment­ary can­did­ates: Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour (Lewes & Seahaven); Clar­ence Mitchel, Con­ser­vat­ive (Pavil­ion); Davy Jones, Greens (Kemp Town) and Paul Chand­ler, Lib Dem (Kemp Town).



Tom Lines came to the United Nations Asso­ci­ation (UNA) meet­ing to give a talk of the city of Lon­don as a centre of power in Britain.

Tom Lines is a Writer, Eco­nom­ics, trade and devel­op­ment consultant.

You can learn more about Tom Lines and his work at
and fol­low him on Twit­ter @TomLINESorguk

Alex Mabbs came to the United Nations Asso­ci­ation (UNA) meet­ing to give a talk on cli­mate change.

Alex Mabbs is a United Reformed Church min­is­ter based at the Brighthelm centre, in Brighton in Sus­sex, England.

Alex Mabb’s blog = https://mabbsonsea.wordpress.com

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Open Rights Group invite you to Brighton Crypto Festival, 1st Dec

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After the suc­cess of Monday’s ORG Brighton event, we’d like to invite you to Brighton CryptoFest­ival which we’re co-organising with Light­house in December.

The family-friendly day will include a wide vari­ety of activ­it­ies, focussed around what you can do to secure your online com­mu­nic­a­tions and res­ist mass surveillance.

The event will be made up of a mix­ture of talks, work­shops, Crypto­Party and kids activ­it­ies.

We expect it to be pop­u­lar so please let us know that you’re com­ing via our Meetup page.

Light­house, Kens­ing­ton Street, Brighton 
When: Sunday 1st Decem­ber, 12:00 — 19:00
Who: Open Rights Group and Kit­ten Groomer have both been con­firmed for talks so far, and there’s more to come.
How much: Free!

The Crypto­Party sec­tion of the day will aim to teach encryp­tion pro­grams such asGPG, OTR and Tor, so please bring a laptop along if you’d like to learn how to install and use these tools.

The pro­grams help to secure our online com­mu­nic­a­tions, which in the wake of the Snowden rev­el­a­tions, seems more vital than ever.

If you’re an advanced cryp­to­graphy user and would like to volun­teer at the event by shar­ing your skills with oth­ers, please just drop me an email.

For fur­ther details, and to let us know that you’re com­ing along visit our Meetup page here.

Brighton CryptoFest­ival will be a fun and informal way to meet with other local ORG sup­port­ers, as well as an oppor­tun­ity to learn more about encryption.

We hope to see you all there!

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Food Sovereignty Week

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Food Sov­er­eignty Week — Starts 24th Octo­ber : Spe­cial Interest Stor­ies daily

This week we will be bring­ing you a selec­tion of talks from Lon­don and Brighton about food sovereignty

For the first time in human his­tory, over a bil­lion people have been offi­cially clas­si­fied as liv­ing in hun­ger. This record total is not a con­sequence of poor global har­vests or nat­ural dis­asters. Hun­ger on this scale is the res­ult of a global eco­nomy in which hun­dreds of mil­lions of small farm­ers, fish­er­folk, pas­tor­al­ists and indi­gen­ous people have faced ruin through the hijack­ing of the global food sys­tem by large agribusi­ness and food retailers.

Together with its part­ners in BrazilSri Lanka and Mozam­bi­que, and in the wider move­ment of La Via Campes­ina, War on Want is com­mit­ted to the altern­at­ive model of ‘food sov­er­eignty’, an approach to the food crisis that pri­or­it­ises people’s right to food, agro-ecology and a global food sys­tem free of cor­por­ate control. 

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