RFB: Inst. of Physics Lecture: Chantal Nobs talks about Nuclear Physics: Why study what we can’t see

Mar 3, 2017

Title: Nuclear Physics: Why study what we can’t see?

Speaker: Chantal Nobs, from the Nuclear physics research group at University of Brighton

What the lecture is about:

First discovered in 1896, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre were the first to conduct an in-depth investigation into radioactivity in their lab at the School of Chemistry and Physics, in Paris. Today there are hundreds of nuclear physics research facilities across the world studying radioactivity, and the many properties of the atomic nucleus.

But why is it important? This talk will provide a brief overview of the field of nuclear physics and the research currently taking place, and (more importantly) how this research impacts our lives. Also like to thank the Institute of Physics, University of Sussex, for allowing us to record and share this lecture.